Nope – we’re done with that old version shit. Can’t keep up with the Jones’s if you’re never changing things around.  So, let’s keep the variety coming in large doses and kick things up here a bit.


You can call me Levi, or…LP (as I often sign myself away on the Interwebs), and I write. Been writing since around 2008 and have had a blast doing it. There are many different reasons for my writing and the same number of sources of inspiration in my life as to how I’ve gotten to this point.

Here’s the deal. I write. I read. I game. I do other stuff to, but I couldn’t really add those into the list above because it would dilute the coolness of that list and, quite frankly, they don’t fit in the same category of priority as the above collection.

This is my digital office – my online space. This is where I can lock myself away from the outside world and simply be me. I can be anywhere I want, do whatever I please, and either use any language I see fit. Fripperies can frip their way about the page, words like “florid” and “prestidigitation” prancing about with giddy nonchalance. I can also slip adroitly into the much more pleasurable amusement parks of the socially foul – glory spots where cataracts of expletives flow rampantly, fuck monkeys, dick fish, and shitoppatamuses frolicking all in the same black-and-white oasis.

I write fiction and poetry. I read the same, and I love it when I’m doing it.

I welcome you, dear reader, anytime. Come in, kick your shoes off; sit a spell. Coffee/tea’s brewing in the kitchen. Until then, enjoy. Let’s chat.


Questions, comments, or any other statements you’d like to make to me are welcome. My only rule is your respect the house. If that’s not your thing, please step back out. Find me elsewhere on the Webs. Until then, welcome to my office.

What’re we  chatting about today?



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