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Wise Man from the West

Wise Man Of The West by Vincent Cronin My rating: 5 of 5 stars Incredible story, very well written. Cronin does such a worthwhile job on the storytelling of this tale. He admits, in the end, that the story in its entirety is simply a condensing of Ricci’s own notes, letters to friends, and records […]

18 Oct 16 LP

School Begins: Game On

…and by ‘game on,’ I mean ‘prepare yourselves!’ My mind during these past few weeks has, now and again, come back to my private space here and I want to simply put aside all this other stuff and get on with things. Writing is calling me, and sadly, I have not been answering. I try […]

08 Sep 16 LP

MP – Your Love (extended mix)

There’s always that type of music that gets you going. This is a gem I found this morning. Keep up the good work. lp  

30 Aug 16 LP

Faëryn’s Journal Entry #321 – Waterdeep Convenes

(The following is transcribed from the Elvish dialect of the High Forest)     This entry will be short. I must recount the events which happened since our return to this city and the current mind state of mine.     I remember the strange hammer as it fell upon the marble of the podium […]

29 Aug 16 LP

Posting Pre-Sleep

All – It’s bedtime here on my end of the map. A bit late, but c’est la vie. I should already be in bed, but I’m up getting some sundry tasks completed in advance. Preparation, I find, is often the swiftest path to completion. This week at work, we’re discussing the future and artificial intelligence. Robots. […]

25 Aug 16 LP

Smiling Because it Feels Good

Some of you may already have seen this. During the women’s gymnastics competition of the Rio Olympics, a North Korean athlete and a South Korean athlete came together for one split second and took a selfie.     Reports of the image racing around the world, capturing the attention of media were of course instant, and […]

16 Aug 16 LP

Daft Punk – Alive

A good one to listen to when you want to just get stuff done.  

06 Aug 16 LP

As the Games Begin

AS THE GAMES BEGIN By L.P. Stribling In Rio, some thousands of miles away from these words, An athlete, a confused young star, sits in a quiet room in the dark, Outside the window, perhaps he listens on a small handheld device, And the Games begin. Tomorrow, next week, perhaps three nights from now – she […]

06 Aug 16 LP

Beta Readers Wanted – SF/F short story

Happy Friday to all. Wow, is it the end of July already? The time always eludes me. Right when I think I have it, that I can do what I want with it, that it’s all mine, it vanishes. Today’s a day for planning. For getting rid of the old and getting ready for the […]

29 Jul 16 LP

Protected: Portal Hunters Beta

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

29 Jul 16 LP

Stranger Things

Let’s see, I could join the rest of the myriad voices on the internet bemoaning the political stage of the nation, but I think I’d be better off talking about something else, even if no one reads this. Let’s talk about something supernatural. I know. Stranger Things!  I heard about it from my brother, who […]

28 Jul 16 LP


This is a ninja: This is a warrior: This is neither: This a Spartan: This is not: Any questions?

19 Jul 16 LP


             作者 ~ 李博 自問自問 為何悶? 窗外晴朗 地球輪 鄰居喜悅 企業順 身又健康 秊秊潤 親家親狗 各有運 家長兒女 良氣氛 不生戰區 雨不噴 周圍親朋 年輕神 回顧自問 為何悶? 改變態度 才必勝

13 Jul 16 LP

Armada – a letter

Armada by Ernest Cline My rating: 5 of 5 stars Dear Mr. Cline, Thank you for this book. I don’t know how long it took you or how many times you had to go back and edit, tear, toss out, emit, or rewrite, but however long it took you, you should know that from this […]

09 Jul 16 LP

Just a reminder – life is good

Today, tomorrow, and after that.

07 Jul 16 LP

Infinite Patience

produces immediate results.

05 Jul 16 LP

Superhero Dick and the Brave Cat

Superhero Dick knocked at the door of the unsuspecting nameless civilian with an unfamiliar and uncomfortable rapidity. He stood there in true stoic velvet uniform – all deep red from the cowl down to his painted toes. The golden SD monogrammed insignia was an extra bold glow against the white pine door. “Sir or Madam!” […]

05 Jul 16 LP


First: My Take on Cake I have a shit ton of birthday cake in my refrigerator. Birthday Cake. White freaking birthday cake. A TON! Why!? I ask this rhetorically, of course. But I’m still confused, because this isn’t the first time I have left-over (a TON of left-over) birthday cake. And you know what? I’m […]

30 Jun 16 LP

End of the Year

…and everyone’s super grateful. Holy cow! Finally. Yes, the time has gone by. Yes, there have been ups and downs. Yes, I’m smoked. I’m pretty sure everyone is. But, the important thing is that it’s here. Now, the question remains – how am I going to spend the summer. Well, I’ll tell you one thing […]

23 Jun 16 LP
19 Jun 16 LP

Maps and Attics

Maps and Attics by L.P. Stribling        Six maps in total were found on that day back in November 1882. Five were thrown to the sea, as the rumor has it, and the final one is still somewhere in the attic of my grandfather’s house. It’s not something I’m proud of – especially considering that […]

08 Jun 16 LP
08 Jun 16 LP

Summer Reads

Not sure if I’ve ever really come down to it and said, “Yes, this book (these books) is going to be read this summer.” I did just check my Goodreads list and found that I actually do read during the summer – cool. So, I thought I’d toss out a little bit about what I’m […]

06 Jun 16 LP

Gotta Love Phil

If you told me you were drowning, I would not lend a hand. I’ve seen your face before, my friend, but I don’t know if you know who I am. – Phil Collins One of my favorites. lp

31 May 16 LP

The Turnstiles at Station 6

The Turnstiles at Station 6 by  L.P. Stribling        Grey was the only thing Sarah saw that Monday afternoon as she walked past Jason’s Apothecary, the ghost town’s last active building – at least the last one to reportedly have human activity in it before….the last one to have reports of sightings.   […]

25 May 16 LP

Miéville’s Un-Lun-Dun

Un Lun Dun by China Miéville My rating: 2 of 5 stars Didn’t finish it. This was my first Miéville book. I had heard some good things about him and wanted to start somewhere. This is a young-adult book, and keeping that in mind, it fit well into that vein. I think that those within […]

21 May 16 LP

The Beautiful People Our Cell Phones Have Made Us

<shakes head> I don’t understand. Two Californian women carve their names into the walls of Rome’s Colosseum. A tourist in Lisbon climbs a 126-year-old statue of a Portuguese King and causes the statue to crumble. I’m gobsmacked at the behavior of some people. Gobsmacked! We trash the oceans, destroy the rainforests, cause species of natural […]

09 May 16 LP

Teresa – Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Teresa, It’s Mother’s Day and I wanted to stop and pass along to you (and I guess the rest of the world) how much you mean to me as a mom. You’re wonderful. You met me first when I was around thirteen, and I’m pretty sure I made you work (jump through hoops and […]

08 May 16 LP

5.4.U Always

I didn’t know this was a thing until today, actually. I do consider myself a fan. I’m not the fan that some of my friends are out there (胡婕), but a fan nonetheless. I saw the first three movies….(ahem) excuse me, 4, 5, and 6 when they were released back in the ’80s and have […]

04 May 16 LP

Hot Wing Challenge – Key & Peele

Please watch this. This is Key and Peele taking a hot-wing challenge while trying to stay cogent with the conversation. OMG.

04 May 16 LP

Overwatch, Destiny, and why the hell not.

Overwatch – new game coming out. I’ve spent the past couple of hours watching (actively or inactively) JP play the game on Twitch and it’s looking pretty good. It’s another FPSs, but it looks a bit different than some of the other ones that have come out recently. It looks similar to Destiny in the […]

04 May 16 LP

Protected: Sam & Bri – a wedding

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

03 May 16 LP

All answers welcome

If you’re given a rule as a kid, but find that when you grow up nobody follows that rule, is it still a rule?

29 Apr 16 LP

Finish the day…

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely, and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense. ~ Ralph Waldo […]

28 Apr 16 LP

The Touch Comes Second

   The heavy loose folds of the daemon keeper’s robes, silvery black with hints of a deep green sheen, hunched over the plain moldy basin necromancy center. The white marble of the bowl’s shallow veneer seemed dull, and Arch the Demigod had never seen it quite in such a poor state. He paid particular attention […]

20 Apr 16 LP

Maybe if the Stars Allign…

Maybe if the Stars Allign.. Maybe if we’re on the same side, same page, all races, same faces, All staring at the same pack of cards, Crazy 8s – Same place, baby, Maybe I’m a superstar, Maybe we should be together, Bet it all, everything we have, put it all on a shooting star, Maybe now, […]

20 Apr 16 LP

A Wizard of Earthsea – a review

A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin My rating: 3 of 5 stars A Wizard of Earthsea is one I’ve wanted to read for some time. Had no idea what it was about or what her writing style was like. I’m glad I read it. However, as soon as I was in a […]

14 Apr 16 LP


For my writers out there. Find your musical inspiration, set the clock, and get some work done. Hermitude – The Buzz (Mataya & Young Tapz)

14 Apr 16 LP

Google Unsubscribing Pains

Yesterday I bought a ticket. It doesn’t matter what kind of ticket I bought; the point is I got online, handed my credit card away again, and ¡voilá! – ticket purchased. This morning I get a spam notification from said web-site handing me promotional deals. So I scroll to the bottom to find the ‘unsubscribe’ […]

27 Mar 16 LP

Easter Eggs and Basketball

When I as a teenager, I remember getting pumped for college basketball season. I would get the hats and think the jerseys were cool. I would bug my father to spend over $100+ to get the latest pair of “Jordans” (the basketball shoe that had his name on it – not that he would ever […]

27 Mar 16 LP

The World Spins On – a Haiku

All life’s pains and ills, But mere trivialities, And the world spins on.

13 Mar 16 LP

Necessary Upgrade

    (*The following takes place in the world of Destiny)     Quiet in her perch upon an unlighted roof corner high above the barren grounds of the Cosmodrome, Nga’am the Warlock looked through the long scope of her rifle. The shadowy bodies of the Taken minions popped in and out of her crystal clear […]

12 Mar 16 LP

Read Them Fairy Tales

This is quite probably the most inspirational interview I’ve read in quite some time. It’s certainly the most inspirational one I’ve read this year. It has to do with reading. I’ve written several posts in the past addressing the issue, but Neil Gaiman tends to give the consistent edge on what I’m trying to deliver. Thanks, […]

10 Mar 16 LP

Glitch Mob – Skullclub

Listening to the Glitch Mob. Here’s to you accomplishing everything need to here and now. -lp

09 Mar 16 LP

In your nose

Me: You look great today, baby. Wife: You have a booger in your nose. – The relationship I have with my wife is delightful. We’ve been married for nine years (this June) and each day is better than the day before. You’re the best, sugar. Thanks for being my girl. I love you now, always, […]

07 Mar 16 LP

One Day

Remember that one day you will remember none of this… and in the absence of that memory will your soul return to the Infinite as complete, endless, and smiling as it began.

02 Mar 16 LP

Point of Shadow

(**The following tale takes place in the world of Destiny.) Omil leaped from behind the Cryptarch and landed into a form near invisible behind the warlock who had been at the vault for the past twenty minutes. “You’re late,”  Trenton said, not bothering to look back. “I know,” she said, standing and regaining her visible form. […]

01 Mar 16 LP

Minutes before Midnight – a haiku

The day’s light dims now, Tomorrow’s myth minutes from here, In sleep, I wake again.

25 Feb 16 LP

Supergirl’s Day Off

     Kara’s dead tired. First day off the job in…hell, she doesn’t even know how long – six, seven years? And how long does the Justice League grant her? A day – one single day. It starts tomorrow, but still, one day. She shakes her head thinking about it and gets out of her […]

12 Feb 16 LP

Corporate America

If you don’t believe the US is all about corporations force-feeding the masses with their materialistic high-fructose drugs, take a look at what’s going on on your television right now. #gosuperbowlsunday Aahhh…freedom.

08 Feb 16 LP

Protected: For Mami

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

06 Feb 16 LP

Ode to the Short Bluish Eraserless Pencil That’s Usually in the Back Part of the Second Drawer on the Left of the Desk in my Younger Brother’s Bedroom. He Doesn’t Know about You.

by L.P. Stribling —- Dear Roger, I’m writing you this letter while I’m in Gym Class. I hope you’re well. It’s like 10 minutes after the bell and I’m writing this letter with a different writing utensil – a pen, actually. Then again, he’s not that great, the pen, and he’s certainly not you, all […]

04 Feb 16 LP

Creative Ways to Die

Okay folks, Here’s your chance. I created a survey because I was bored creative and wanted to see if there were some really inventive minds out there. I took care of some of the more common options I thought of, but if you don’t like these options, give me something else. C’mon. What you got? […]

03 Feb 16 LP


So, here’s something you may not know about me – I live in a house with ten high school boys. Ten. Everything goes on in that house; the stuff they take care of, the stuff they don’t; the stuff I want to know about; the stuff I don’t. Let’s just say it’s an appropriate argument for the […]

27 Jan 16 LP

Wendig – on cancer

Take it away, Chuck. That dragonfly is dead. David Bowie is gone. So now is Alan Rickman (who probably would’ve done a bang-up job playing Bowie), too. Shit goddamnit shit. And also the familiar, oft-repeated refrain: Fuck cancer. Times a thousand. Times a million. Times infinity. Art at its core is, I think, driven by death. […]

25 Jan 16 LP

Flash Challenge

Who’s in? (click here)  

25 Jan 16 LP

‘To Whom Much is Given…

…much is expected.’ Another way to look at it is ‘heavy is the head that wears the crown.’ My mother has often given me lessons with these words. We all want comfortable lives. Comfortable and comforting, I suppose. We all (*and I use the word ‘all’ here sparingly; I understand that not every single one […]

24 Jan 16 LP


Jesus, when was the last time I put anything here? It’s been too long. Well, let’s add some new goings on to an old page.   All is beautiful in my world, and that’s really all I’d like to say about that. There are details, of course, but those details don’t need to be listed […]

23 Jan 16 LP

Game It – gaming professionally

  ‘Cuz it’s a thing, apparently. It’s a thing that has taken the entire world by storm – this whole playing video games for a living, to support yourself, and your family, and your dog (for those of you who don’t consider your dogs your family …. ‘cause you’re dicks). But, the deal is that […]

12 Jan 16 LP

You Do You

Another beauty from Mr. Wendig. When I read this this morning, I about crapped myself laughing. I love the way he puts it – art is art and there’s no one right way to do it. Just because others have done it one way does not mean that the rest of us have to do […]

05 Jan 16 LP

Happy New Year

To the world at large, May this year, this month, this week, this day, this hour, this minute, this second, right now (for always) be your happiest moment. Love, blessings, and smiles lp

04 Jan 16 LP

Tech Stuff – Where is it taking us?

Overall – How much do we read anymore? How much do we write (by hand)? How much attention do we have? What is the status of our reliance on robots?  

31 Dec 15 LP

Protected: checking in

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

31 Dec 15 LP

Model Behavior App

Open your eyes. It’s not just China. Read 1984. Thanks, E. Blair, for the inspiration. #theyrewatchingyou

22 Dec 15 LP

Wind/Pinball – a review

Wind/Pinball: Two Novels by Haruki Murakami My rating: 3 of 5 stars Not bad. I’m a pretty big Murakami fan and this is fairly solid. It’s not the same caliber as the other books of his that I’ve read, but they were produced at a different time in his life, when he had some more […]

22 Dec 15 LP

Taking the Non-personal Personally

Not the thing to do. There are things in life you just can’t control. They will happen around you and to you regardless of how justly or ideally you (try to) live your life. They will come knocking upon the fresh paint of your new home’s white door (the one you made sure to customize […]

14 Dec 15 LP

Press Start to Play – a review

Press Start to Play by Daniel H. Wilson My rating: 4 of 5 stars This was a fun one; I’m sorry it took me so long to read. But that was a good thing because it had all the right number of pages to make the book worthwhile, I thought. Ever since I read Ready […]

13 Dec 15 LP

A Bo Song – from god’s perspective

W passed this one to me and I thought it was hilarious. It’s got some great comedic points of our time and consciousness. If you’re easily offended when someone uses religion in their humor, you may want to opt out. lp

08 Dec 15 LP

Fall of Magic

Adam Kobel, one of the finest DMs I’ve seen in the game, is streaming live hosting an episode of Fall of Magic over at Twitch. He’s a great host for games. If you’re interested in some good story telling, you may want to check out how he plays in #FallofMagic. Check it out.

28 Nov 15 LP

Wrong Warlock to Question

*the following is a fan-fiction piece based on the world of Destiny . lp — “Is there nothing at all you have to say for yourself?” Many were those who sought audience with the Speaker. He was, after all, the one true voice of the Traveler. Yet, after having been absent from the Tower in more […]

27 Nov 15 LP

多謝 – Thank you

Before I get to my own writing for the day, I need to put this out to the world at large. I’m thankful for you. I’m thankful for every one of you whom I’ve met, known, kissed, insulted, gamed with, worked with, shared a classroom, a workspace, a bathroom or a beach with. I’m thankful […]

26 Nov 15 LP

Jeopardy Etiquette – Don’t Be This Guy

If you’ve ever watched the show, you know that you should NOT act like this jackass. You’re supposed to be humble, reserved, and calm. You are NOT supposed to be prideful, cocky, and rude. You are NOT supposed to interrupt Alex Trebek when he’s commenting on your answer and push him along to the next […]

19 Nov 15 LP

Coffee Freak (Five-Minute Story)

Alvin looked at the cup of blackness across the table from him and flexed. His forearms bulged within his restrains and the veins seemed to bubble even bigger than they did minutes before. “Now, now, little one. We have to be easy with these addictions.” The man in the suit paced behind him, his face […]

17 Nov 15 LP

Nine Minutes

Sunday night. Where does the time go? [shakes head] Into the Ether, I guess. No one walking this planet knows, I’m pretty sure. The weekend was a great one – very productive. I’m reading a book of short stories called Press Start to Play, which I’m enjoying quite nicely with only a hundred pages or […]

09 Nov 15 LP

Write Until your Fingers Bleed

LP: Dear Chuck, where have you been all my life? C: LP, been hangin’ around dirty bars and and back alleys, looking for inspiration and writing my little thingy off. LP: The thing is, Chuck. You’re just the man. Seriously, you write all these like, manly things about…like, manly stuff, and writing stuff. It’s just….AAHH […]

04 Nov 15 LP

New Star Wars Movie….too much fluff for me

It’s six days past Thor’s Day and here I am without a make-up post. The week has been a good one, although busy. Got to spend time with friends and hang with some of the greatest people of my community, which in itself is a wonderful thing. I did watch the most recent trailer of […]

29 Oct 15 LP

Thor’s Day

“What day is it?” Thor asked “It’s Thor’s Day, sire; your day.” responded Whilsie the Jester. “My day? Hmm, I see…” he said. Thor sat upon the ornate pelt decorated throne and considered this. “And if it’s my day, what should I do?” Wilsie raised his eyes and hesitated before responding. “Well, emm, I um… […]

22 Oct 15 LP


  Forest disappeared, And my world changed, For the longest time, her starry eyes held me, And as spellbound as I may have been, The saccharine stinging of her bite, The songs her scent could sing, And the soothing sin with which the days of her smirks, Ignited my nights, Left me, leaves me here […]

21 Oct 15 LP

Binks is the Mark

  I’m into video games. Love them. I love Star Wars too. And I have an idea. I’m thinking of a first-person shooter where all you do is hunt Jar-Jar Binks and gun his annoying ass down with different types of ammo. God, that guy sucks.

07 Oct 15 LP

Bells from Underground

Bells from Underground by L. P. Stribling   At their knell, the cell gates slide open, Gritty rusted iron scraping on unforgiving stone. Prisoners rouse their cold, sweat sodden bodies from the icy concrete of their cages, The lights underground are present, but lack any infusion of hope, “Get out, you filth!” The voice of […]

27 Sep 15 LP

Life, Transition, and Cats

I haven’t written a word in something like three weeks. Not one word – Three weeks! That’s insane. It’s been an interesting time for me. Lots of demands on my time and I guess that’s just the way it is – that’s where life has me at the moment. Easy enough. I’m thankful for friends […]

25 Sep 15 LP

Happy September

            Another beautiful day comes to us and, wherever that day finds you, I send my hopes that you are happy, healthy, and smiling. It’s been a while, and I’m trying to think what exactly I’ve been up to. Oh wait, I know, enjoying life. The summer started in June and, before we know it, […]

07 Sep 15 LP

gaming with the gang

I’m writing this from Mark’s house; we’re all gaming and just having a blast. Summer’s almost over, but it feels great to be back in the swing of things with the gang. We’ve been playing for over a year. Love these guys…and you, Katie. Haven’t forgotten you. …and the guy in the cage just turned […]

26 Aug 15 LP


The Dirty Streets of Heaven by Tad Williams My rating: 3 of 5 stars This was my first Williams book and my expectations for his writing were not let down. He has great metaphors and writes compellingly, keeping the reader engaged in the story. His language is not overwrought and uses some excellent descriptions at […]

23 Aug 15 LP

GameBoy Fridge

So, thinking about interior decoration and found this…I’m in love.

15 Aug 15 LP

Put Your PHONE down!

This isn’t from me; I can’t take credit for the flowery nature of his diction. The man’s Level 16 Word Wizard and reading his work is a fine thing. Here he tells us why we need to put down our phones. Enjoy. Thanks, Chuck. lp

15 Aug 15 LP

Snapchat – Why?

What’s the point? I’ve had several people try and explain it to me, and I still don’t really get it. “It’s sort of like Instagram and the stopwatch…” “It’s like Instagram, but with a time limit…” “Like Instagram, but not.” ??? Wait, there’s more: – the image only lasts between one and ten seconds – […]

11 Aug 15 LP

The Making of a Tiefling

*Translated from Infernal   My mind is still my own, still that belonging to the human named Markus Shelling. But beyond that curtain, that dividing blanket which designates the limits of that strict human stage of reality….beyond that, and all praise unto Him, I have become so much more. I was ah…well, Markus, rather. Yes, […]

10 Aug 15 LP

Good news

      My sister just had her baby this morning. Welcome to the party, Maci.       In other news, I just saved 15% on my car insurance by switching to Geico. 

07 Aug 15 LP

Stopwatch (five-minute story)

  There was a coolness to the room that I had never experienced before. Jake never really talked about the place – just said it belonged to his grandparents, Jimmy and Ida, back in the ‘50s. “Check this out,” he said. I pulled away from the dust-coated roll-desk I had found in the back corner […]

04 Aug 15 LP

Tad Williams – TDSoH

I’m currently reading Tad Williams’s book, The Dirty Streets of Heaven – a great fantastical telling of the operations of Heaven and Hell. I have heard about the versatility of Williams in his ability to write across genres, and had to have a gander for myself. So far, I’m enjoying it. Here’s a wee bit of exposition. […]

31 Jul 15 LP

Direction of Energy

Our energy, though not tangible, is very real, and very powerful. And we make decisions every day on how we use and direct our energy. For example, we can choose sadness or happiness, Sorrow or Joy, Anger or Contentment, Chunky or Smooth And we always have the option to choose Peace. Here’s to choosing the ever-present. […]

29 Jul 15 LP


Found this one on Reddit. Love it!

27 Jul 15 LP

Titans Grave – a cinematic RPG show

**A post for all the gamers out there. There’s no getting around it. The show’s called Titan’s Grave, and I’m hooked.  It’s not all that often that I get so into a television show that I have to watch, but it does happen. The last one was Breaking Bad, and it was long after it […]

25 Jul 15 LP

Ursula K. Le Guin – Responsible Authorship

“We need writers who know the difference between production of a market commodity and the practice of an art.” “Developing written material to suit sales strategies in order to maximize corporate profit … is not quite the same thing as responsible book publishing or authorship.” ~Ursula K. Le Guin If you are into speculative fiction […]

24 Jul 15 LP

Humans of Perth – by my bro (Jason Miller)

You may have heard of or even visited the wildly popular site, Humans of New York. Well, my brother Jason has lived in Perth, Australia for the past …long time, and has come to be the man in the spotlight for the Land Down Under. I woke up this morning and received an e-mail from him, accompanied by […]

23 Jul 15 LP

www.lpstribling.com – switching to the Dark Side…and a bit on writing

    I’ve been writing on my own blog since somewhere around 2008, though WordPress has been the carrier of that writing since somewhere around 2010, I guess. In that time I’ve been able to get a couple of poems and a short story out there, but more importantly I’ve been fortunate enough to have all of […]

23 Jul 15 LP

Giving up a Sense

If you could give up one human sense, what would it be? No right answer on this one; I just want to see which of the senses you value most … and it sort of excites me to give you a difficult decision to make. It’s one of those enjoyable hypotheticals that I’ve pondered at […]

21 Jul 15 LP

Imagine Dragons

What I’m listening to now. I’ve heard a couple of their songs, and I’ve enjoyed them. I would say if you’re doing something creative or artistic, something that’s your own, and you work better with music (if that type of music is something like this), you may want to give ID a try.

15 Jul 15 LP

‘有ㄧ種智慧叫做忍耐‘ As the number of our species grows, greater becomes the need for the tolerance of others and the understanding of ourselves. 智  忍  慈  愛

13 Jul 15 LP

Miss my family in HK

It’s been too long. The last time Kerrie and I were in HK was in July of 2014. Yeah, a year ago, but still, it seems like yesterday. The trouble with being so close with people all over the world is that they’re all over the world. I wonder how big of a house I’d […]

08 Jul 15 LP


July 2nd, 2015: It’s been two to three years at least, and now that I’m back, it’s just not the same. It’s more like one of my childhood’s favorite toys that sits in the corner of the back yard, now mossy, lifeless, and whose batteries were long handed over to some other distraction of finer […]

08 Jul 15 LP

That's a Whole 'Nother' Issue

I hate it when people say that. Here’s the deal. There is no such word called ‘nother.’ There has never existed any such word. It’s not real. Doesn’t exist and likely (the gods help me) won’t. Yet, it’s omnipresent in colloquial speech, isn’t it? We hear it all the time in some sort of string of […]

25 Jun 15 LP

Narrow Grave

All – I hope your Tuesday morning is filled with all kinds  of great people, great energy, love, laughter, creativity, and kindness. -lp

16 Jun 15 LP

Gorra (5-minute story)

I remember very clearly the day I found the hat in my grandfather’s attic. It was circular and it didn’t have a rim. It was blue and white and red. “Grandpa?” I asked. “Where is this from?” My grandfather rushed over from the old linen chest he had been grumbling over and stood next to […]

15 Jun 15 LP


Jars (a five-minute story by L.P. Stribling) He collected them in a dark room, but they weren’t for sale. It’s not that there wasn’t a market. And it’s not that he couldn’t make a lot of money. There was, and he could. It was just that, in this particular realm of his life, he considered […]

08 Jun 15 LP

Getting the Words Down

Writers write for different reasons, different purposes, and like fingerprints, no two of them are the same. I read an article today by Dan Wells, modern-day author of a horror series called the ‘John Cleaver Series’, who talked about how he doesn’t write for any other reason than to tell a story that must come […]

08 Jun 15 LP

Loud Pipes

Woke up to this song. Thought I’d share.

29 May 15 LP

The Line

Mark it zero!

27 May 15 LP

Protected: Where I Am

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

27 May 15 LP

Time Window

Lamar’s a man rather hell bent on enjoying his own time. Loves it. He doesn’t have to admonish the world about anything. He doesn’t have any complaints. All he wants to do is bask in the glory of his own time window. On the outside, the surface, he is a regular dude. He has a […]

25 May 15 LP

The Language I Live With

Without going into the sparkles and glimmer of the situation, let’s just say there are more than Kerrie and me in our house – quite a few more. We got home today and Richard popped out of his space to say hello. Some nights he’s chatty; others he’s not. Tonight he was in quite the […]

19 May 15 LP

All writers (all of them) are lost

Ladies and Gentlemen, Again, Chuck has the floor, and the mic, and his voice is sweet and summertimey when he tells us that none of us know exactly what we’re doing. -lp

18 May 15 LP

Gifts – The Better Way

Gifts – not sure how I feel about them. There’s a wonderful saying in Mandarin – 施比受有福 (shī bǐ shòu yǒu fú) It is better to give than to receive. Yes, we have that saying in English as well – what do you know? And it’s probably likely that an analogous saying exists in many […]

10 May 15 LP


…kind of important.

08 May 15 LP

May is Friday

It’s May on Friday. You know what that means. Yes, it means that it’s May, and May is a time when, scholastically speaking, the crowds go wild. I haven’t been with you, my dear Internet world, at least not for a week. And you know what? It feels like an eternity. But the question we […]

28 Apr 15 LP

Where I work

This is where I work. Please submit all questions to my therapist.

20 Apr 15 LP

Star Wars VII – Kill 'em all

I don’t even know where to start with Star Wars. <sigh> Deep breath. No, no, I do know where to start. I started in the 80s when it was the best time to start. Let’s just say this; I saw the newest Star Wars trailer and…<shakes head> No. I have nothing good to say, really. […]

19 Apr 15 LP

Vadar in abstract

Not sure how I feel about this.

12 Apr 15 LP

International Table Top Day!

Today is International Table Top day, and I have done nothing as of yet to celebrate. Yes, there are many holidays in the nation (and in the world for that matter), and it seems like nation after nation just keeps making shit up to give something a voice, to make people notice. Most of these […]

12 Apr 15 LP

Ripple Effect

The star-speckled ocean above my canoe that morning glittered, and I read it as the world bidding me farewell.  I say morning, but it may as well have been night, the deep kind of night, where the rest of the world slumbered and only the predators walked, listened, and honed. My body, cleansed of every […]

10 Apr 15 LP

Chuck's Writing Plan

LP: Chuck, the mic is yours. Chuck: Thank you, LP. Hey, wow, nice place you got here. LP: Yeah, thanks. It’s really coming along. If you want I can show you the upstairs, or the back yard. Get you a glass of ~ (watches Chuck remove revolver from hip holster and wave it erratically while […]

08 Apr 15 LP

Homeland – a Drizzt novel

Homeland by R.A. Salvatore My rating: 2 of 5 stars I’ve heard many good things about Salvatore from his fans and I tried the first of the Drizzt books. It didn’t do it for me. But this is not me saying the book was bad. ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ are subjective terms; let’s not forget that. […]

08 Apr 15 LP

Protected: Cosmic Eyes

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

05 Apr 15 LP

Faëryn’s Journal (day 80) : Encounters

When the party moved, it did so without notice from Heineken. Okies was also there the evening before. He joined in some of the festivities, but only in face, and only for a few points of conversation. Then he was gone again, and none of us knew what to make of him. Was he a […]

04 Apr 15 LP

Protected: On Blogging

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

01 Apr 15 LP

Faëryn's Journal (79) – Day IV: The Makings of a Party

The opulence of the castle’s interior held its radiance as I trailed the wizard’s quiet steps. White walls shot into the sky of its insides, far outside the scope of my vision. I could not help but feel out of place here in these halls; my level of comfort had long been part of the […]

28 Mar 15 LP

ODESZA – Say My Name

I always like to listen to Pandora when I’m working. Just found this gem in my ear. Enjoy it.  

27 Mar 15 LP

Acid God – 100 Word Challenge

Chuck’s challenge this week is to run for 100 words – no more. Now, I pass it on to you, the intrepid writers out there. 100 words. No more. ~lp “Just shut up and drink it,” Drake said, pointing at the glass filled with green liquid on the wooden table. “No,” I said. “It looks […]

22 Mar 15 LP

Faëryn's Journal – Day IV

The mists, silky and playful, gathered and passed as I made my way up the stone steps to the towering double doors of the castle in the clouds. They gave way without my beckoning, and with heavy creaks, granted my entrance and bade my welcome. The hall before me was grand and well-lighted, the limits […]

22 Mar 15 LP

King of the Nerds – S3

If you don’t like spoilers, don’t read below, because I’m going to spoil some stuff. -lp Season Three of King of the Nerds concludes with Jonathan winning. That sucks. Firstly, the show should have penalized him for getting his first guess wrong in the final game. Secondly, he back-stabbed his way to the top and […]

22 Mar 15 LP

Cover Girl

Hi DC, Was this the cover you wanted pulled?

19 Mar 15 LP

Writing is a Profane, Irrational, Imperfect Act

“Kill the perfect. Slay the angels. Fuck the gods.” Chuck always seems to find the words. To the writers, may you run toward your own success. -lp — WRITING IS A PROFANE, IRRATIONAL, IMPERFECT ACT Writing is a profane act. I don’t literally mean in the FUCK THIS, SHIT THAT way (though for me that […]

17 Mar 15 LP

At last, Sir Terry…

Terry, may you rest in the silken comfort of love of those whose hearts you have warmed. -lp

15 Mar 15 LP

Jac'ed Up Screwdriver

It was the newest drink on the menu and in the city that night, and everyone was trying it because of the catch phrase that came with it – Get Jaq’ed, Get Happy – No Regrets. At first glance it was just like any other cocktail – some very potent v-poison and some OJ together […]

15 Mar 15 LP

Until Next Time

That’s enough of Asia for one sitting, I think. It was China for three weeks, one week off, and then Japan for two weeks., yesterday at one a.m., we get back from a fortnight in Japan. The one country in the world that I would certainly live in forever. Taiwan too; I could live in […]

14 Mar 15 LP


(*Posing from some Japanese hostel not far from Osaka station – excuse the Asian typing should it occur.) San Diego Comic Con – something I’ve wanted to do, but haven’t done. As I’m looking at the web-site now, I’m something like 4+ months out, and I’ve just looked at the prices. Not all that bad. […]

08 Mar 15 LP

Spock's Farewell

Star Trek, only a few know, is that one series for me that I’d like to watch from beginning to end just to see how long it takes me. It’s not like I can in good faith call myself a Trekkie or anything. Star Wars just happened to always be my thing; it affects us […]

07 Mar 15 LP
Featured Image -- 2188

William Shatner's Twitter Storm Of A Leonard Nimoy Funeral Tribute

Friends to the end. We’ll miss you, Leo. -lp

07 Mar 15 LP

A Voice from the Life beyond

  The waters rippled in unison over Lake Sluin that August morning. I was eight. I remember this lucidly because it was to be a day of celebration – celebration of my birth.     Now, in your minds, I can already hear the unvoiced thoughts. ‘Yes, yes,’ you think. ‘Well, that makes sense, doesn’t […]

22 Feb 15 LP

Short Stint in China – 大吉大利

You have not heard from me in about three weeks, right? ‘Tis true; I’ve been away. “Where?” you ask. Soul, China, HK, and back to the U. S. Here’s the rundown of my past three weeks. Time: 21 days Locations: Seven Countries: Three Seoul – Wish I could have seen more here. But, I’m glad […]

21 Feb 15 LP

“Don’t Quit Your Day Job” vs. “Follow Your Dreams”

There’s a story of someone who was making $60,000 + per annum and, because he sold a short story, he was going to quit his job. After all, he was now a writer. Yes, do what you love, but you may want to consider being comfortable as you love what you do. -lp

19 Feb 15 LP

Me and Zed

A nice shot of me and His Maoness hanging out one morning in Chengdu. Those were the days.

18 Feb 15 LP


Absence by L.P. Stribling A departure beginning with an embrace, A frigid evening, a driver, The black back seat, my own silence, My own space,   An airplane ride, Commotion, all things foreign, The hanging smiles bewilder me, Crossing miles, I’ve crossed cultures,   Days occupied with meetings, Shackled am I underneath the formalities, Of […]

18 Feb 15 LP

The Beautiful Teachers

“I have learned silence from the talkative; tolerance from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet, strange, I am ungrateful to those teachers.” – Kahlil Gibran

17 Feb 15 LP

View from the Top

We’re staying at the Hyatt on the Bund in Shanghai and what a view! There’s a pretty nice bar at the top. Lights are dim, red and there’s always some degree of fervor created by the patrons there. Tables are taken up and, with the exception of the one or two lonely empty seats, most […]

06 Feb 15 LP

Wired in from China

Don’t have the time or effort to explain it all, but here’s the scoop. I’m travelling. I’m in China. I’m with friends and in good company. The food’s unbelievable. More when the Internet’s back up.

03 Feb 15 LP

Darkness – The Hub : Part Two.

For those of you who have read the first part of our short story, “The Hub,” here’s part two. I’ve been working on this with Razorbackwriter for a couple of weeks now, and we’re having a blast. There are a couple of twists and turns, and in that way, it’s working out well. Let us […]

24 Jan 15 LP

An Evening of Reading

Got to watch some high school students present their own writing this evening. Wow. I wish I knew I wanted to be a writer that early. But, I guess it hits you when it hits you, and you’re not really the one in the driver’s seat after all. When it comes to Life, often times […]

22 Jan 15 LP

The Hub.

For the past four of five days I’ve been working on a collaborative piece with my friend RazorWriter, from Oz. She opened, and then I put some stuff down, and before we knew it, we were working on a Part II. Originally I wanted to wait until the whole story was done before posting it. […]

19 Jan 15 LP


Sail, bitches.

15 Jan 15 LP

How was the first weekend of 2015?

That was quick, wasn’t it? A flash insight into the workings of Time. As soon as the the ball drops and a new year is upon us, we always think about how quickly time flies. ‘Where did it go?’, we wonder. And somewhere not too long after that thought comes another thought, ‘Shit. I have […]

12 Jan 15 LP

The Kingkiller Chronicles – another literary victim

Why does everything that’s literarily of good quality have to go to the big screen? WHY!? I was just checking Reddit and found out that Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles is under production on FOX – the same wonderful company that completely decimated all of the dreamy potential Firefly had. If you enjoy fantasy and have never […]

09 Jan 15 LP

Faërun's Journal – Day III: The Castle

Day 54 Memory after that came to me in a strange way. The first two things I remembered upon waking were a hearth fire at the base of my bed, warming the room with a slow and welcoming burn, and a realization that I was in a bed – something culturally human and to which […]

06 Jan 15 LP

Super Fun

I often listen to music when I work and I found this one a while back on The Glitch Mob station on Pandora.  There are no lyrics, but it’s great music to get the creative juices flowing. Thanks, Ronald. -lp

06 Jan 15 LP

When Vacation Ends

When Vacation Ends By L.P. Stribling What do we do when vacation ends? Cry to our families, Make calls to our friends, Tell them all that we’ll be back again, Saddened and sulky to see it come to an end. What do we do when we have to go back? Throw mini tantrums, Throw our […]

05 Jan 15 LP

Dr. Dyer On New Year's Resolutions

This is from Dr. Wayne Dyer, one of my great spiritual teachers. My love to you all, one day at a time. -lp —– Today is the dawn of the New Year. So you’re probably working on a list of things that you’d like to get done in 2015. Well, I’d like to ask you […]

02 Jan 15 LP

Thank you. Welcome to 2015.

Another year is gone, and here we all are, sitting in front of the screen, reading these words, and wondering where in the hell the time went. We know the answer. It’s gone away into the lovely Inexplicable Ether, never to return. But we’re not here to pout about it. I’m here to give a […]

01 Jan 15 LP


Happy New Year!

01 Jan 15 LP

Faëryn's Journal II

(The following is from an unknown journal found in PLACE NAME sometime during AGE TIME. The original manuscript is written in Elvish.) Day 41 Another day I rise from my trance to the bounty of Mielikki, and amid her forest guardians, I feel comforted. Her face shines upon me through the leaves of her forest, […]

31 Dec 14 LP

Star Wars Dreams Broken Again

Loved it as a kid, but alas, it’s over. Never to return. There’s no climbing out of the corporate money pit into which this dream and childhood love has fallen, ‘Han shot first,’ and all that. <<shakes head>> It’s gone. We know that. But why do they have to keep adding salt to the wound […]

19 Dec 14 LP

Staying on Track with What We Love (繁)

大多數我所寫的博客po都是英文為主,但最近我在想應該多用中文來表示我個人對某某事的意見或感覺。 ~ 博 人生就像一場戲 因為有緣才相聚 相扶到老不容易 是否更該去珍惜 為了小事發脾氣 回頭想想又何必 別人生氣我不氣 氣出病來無人替 若我氣死誰如意 況且傷神又費力 鄰居親朋不要比 兒孫瑣事由它去 吃苦享樂在一起 神僊羨慕好伴侶 中國人一看到上面的詩就明明知道大概的意思是什麼(若有錯字請原諒)。不過對於許多外國人來說這些字,這些詞,光是白紙上亂寫的一種。可他們其中的絕大多數不願意學。光站在邊緣說“哇中文太難咯,不可能學會.” 或許是懷疑自己或許個人忍耐性不夠好。 筆者是紐約州長島的老師。中文並非本人的母語,而不是我第一學過的外語。中文反而是我的專業語言。 長大中家人親戚好友都誇我說“因為你有天賦所以學習外語對你好容易。真的很羨慕你耶.”至於這一點我可不同意。不僅僅是因為人有什麼天賦或別的超人能力才能把外語學會。我覺得是無稽之談。就像只有四十五歲以上的男人才能真正能獲得博士學位。所謂的天賦,運氣,緣分之類的精神性德概念,可以說是存在的。你相信什麼,何人能反對?但若有人相信老天爺會突然給他新車,人就失去了自己生活的控制。這樣做不是騙他自己嗎? 想當個師傅,想體會到什麼難以做到之事,就需要努力,而用功的精神。在某一個領域裏若有充滿精神而努力之心,運氣就會慢慢出現。 我這麼說並非想晉升我自己。就是再次提醒大家(本人也包括在內)無論你個人的願望有多麼深或你擁有的幻想主意有多麼豐富,只要你開始為它的呈現而付出努力,只要你為它的工作一貫,就行了。這一切都使得我想起老子的話。              子曰:千裡之路始於足下              我們都要提醒我們自己,萬事起頭難。只要我們有精神往前走或往上處走,我們就會找到個方式實現我們心中的目的。

18 Dec 14 LP

The Slow Regard of Silent Things – a review

Pat has to be one of my favorite fantasy authors. I was introduced to fantasy literature at a young age, but relatively late compared to the others who were already in the community. But, once I was in, I was in to stay. Pat’s opus, The Name of the Wind, is one of my favorites […]

16 Dec 14 LP

The Druid's Burning Tree – a Sylvan background tale

  The first full memory of mine, one that stays with me awake and in dream, is the depth and strength of the Grandfather Tree. I am countless days’ travel from Him now, but even still, under this open moon and sparkling wild night sky as I recall here small bits of my tale, the […]

15 Dec 14 LP

The Language Brew

Some see language as a tool of pragmatism. Something that will, much like the first car you get (or didn’t get, or wished you had) in college, help them get from point A to point B. I can see that. Makes sense. You have to get through the day, talking with all the people you […]

10 Dec 14 LP

Invisible Jet

Worst idea ever.

03 Dec 14 LP

My 500th Post!

Whaaa!? So, somehow I’ve been on this thing for the gods know how long, and have 500 posts (501 with this one). I’m blessed. Thank you to all of you out there who follow me and read all of the drivel I tend to jot down  in my day-to-day life. There’s a smattering of all […]

02 Dec 14 LP

SS Taster

Hope you all had a delightful Thanksgiving.  May you go for your goals, create resolutions, benchmarks, and stick to them. And in all ways, I support you. Go for it. You can never have today back. -lp ————– “What the heck is wrong with it?” Rory’s eyes were looking at the thing in the middle […]

01 Dec 14 LP

Turkeys Deserve a Day

Thanksgiving – a time we come together as families and celebrate one another by mass-murdering truckloads of turkeys. And somewhere along the line, we have this idea that it was the idea of the Pilgrims that really started it all. That they brought people together and somewhere on that long Plymouth Rockian dinner table, there […]

26 Nov 14 LP

The Wizards' Plan

The Wizard’s Plan By L.P. Stribling They’re the ones to blame, Singing in silent voices, making the world rain, They parade in the daytime, take flight at night, They watch us when we sleep, and sleep not themselves. Violet robes, long noses, wild hats, peaking above us all, They carry staves, of course, what wizard […]

21 Nov 14 LP

Hack it

Another note on motivation from Chuck.

19 Nov 14 LP

Race Thoughts

An African American officer protecting a KKK member from protesters – 1983

17 Nov 14 LP

Thoughts of a Beginning

We came upon the temple early in our expeditions. We were a relatively new band of travelers, yet fate had assembled us both with the tools of wanderlust and bloodlust. Not necessarily two words I would have fashioned together artfully, but my reasons for joining the band were simpler than that, and they were my […]

13 Nov 14 LP

A Farewell to Saturday Morning Cartoons

So, I’m just now finding out about this, and I’m thoroughly distraught. Distraught! Did any of you know about this? No more Saturday Morning Cartoons?! I’m finding it difficult to process this at the moment, and I thought I’d get some thoughts down and have a discussion (even if that means me being the only […]

11 Nov 14 LP


There’s this serial podcast that we’ve started listening to. The name is original enough – Serial. It’s good. It’s about a murder case told over the course of maybe eight or nine messages. This is the first one. I’m not sure if there will be more or not, but I hope so. It was a […]

08 Nov 14 LP


I just ate two boxes of Macaroni and Cheese. Can you believe that nastiness? I’m not proud of it. … That’s actually bullsh*t. I’m totally proud of it. Every single one of those sickle-cell noodles wiggled their way down my gullet until it reached a giddy tummy pool I called (and still call) the Oasis. […]

05 Nov 14 LP

Goodbye, Brittany.

I cannot remember a time, I’ve heard the voice of Courage this loud – LP — “Goodbye to all my dear friends and family that I love. Today is the day I have chosen to pass away with dignity in the face of my terminal illness, this terrible brain cancer that has taken so much from […]

03 Nov 14 LP

Choosing to Die

I just learned several days ago about the young woman in Oregon, Brittany Maynard, who has chosen to end her life on November 1st of this year. If you don’t know the story, you can read the rest of this piece or go to her web site. Her story started with headaches, minor at first, […]

30 Oct 14 LP


There are traditionally two ways to write….(at least so say those who have been writing for a while). The first way to write is to outline and plan. Without getting into all of the details, this is basically where you plan everything before you write all that good stuff you want to write. The second […]

23 Oct 14 LP

DC or Marvel?

Before you read any further, I think you should cast your vote in this poll: I think it’s a fair question. I’ll go a bit further to say that it’s not one I’m sure I would be able to answer with all the facts, but hey, we’re probably all at varying levels on that one […]

20 Oct 14 LP

Ebola or Not – You're going to die anyway

Why are you worried about Ebola? Why? Seriously, the whole world is worried about Ebola. Everyone’s freaking out, but at the end of the day, what’s the point of worrying about it? Let’s go over our options. Option A: You get Ebola – If you get it, then you’re probably going to die, after which […]

20 Oct 14 LP

Shut up and Write

Again, a message from Chuck -LP SHUT UP AND WRITE (OR: “I REALLY WANT TO BE A WRITER, BUT…”) Yes. You. *waggles accusing finger* Shut up and write. No, no, I know. You just wrote me an email and in this email — like in so many other emails by so many other ‘aspiring’ writers […]

18 Oct 14 LP

Jay Lake – You Inspire Me

I must admit, I was pretty bummed to hear of the passing of Jay Lake. He was one of the writers I have followed for some time and a true inspiration. He had cancer. Everyone knew it. We knew it, but we couldn’t really experience what he was going through. We just wanted to encourage […]

17 Oct 14 LP

Night Lights

It’s been quite some time since I felt uneasy, in an odd, frightful sort of way. Legitimately unnerved. This morning was when that happened. We have to put it into perspective, of course. I’m not talking about me feeling completely petrified. Nothing like that. This was more a feeling of just uneasiness and lack-of-knowledge, something […]

06 Oct 14 LP

Daily Tasks

Yet another reason I know I married the right girl.

04 Oct 14 LP

Hyperion – gotta go

Hyperion by Dan Simmons My rating: 2 of 5 stars I usually give a book a max of 100 pages to get me hooked. This one I gave ~150 pages to and it just wasn’t doing it. I had just finished Simmons’s Song of Kali, and that was great. His prose is very strong and […]

28 Sep 14 LP

Socks in the Washer

Where in the gods have they gone? I remember putting two socks in, but when it was time to pull them out. Poof! Gone. It’s like the spin cycle is so strong that it creates some sort of a sartorial black hole into which only certain AMAZING socks are somehow chosen to make a sacrificial […]

26 Sep 14 LP

Following Your Road

Thank you to Theadora Goss on finding your purpose. Follow your own road.

24 Sep 14 LP

It's Not My Birthday 'til Tomorrow – A Love Letter

  Dear birthday girl, It’s funny, I think, that most times you turn to me and ask me what I’m thinking about I say ‘nothing.’ Your response is always the same logical jab back at me: “You can’t think about nothing.” It’s one I’ve come to find so endearing that I may have faked it […]

17 Sep 14 LP


A Lesson in Forgiveness.

12 Sep 14 LP

Sunday Ticks Down

I’m looking out the window right now to an outside scene filled with sunshine, trees, and laughter. The furniture isn’t anything notable, but it does fill the frame. There’s a worn glass table, dusty and in need of some love outside the sporadic barbecue, some ratty iron chairs with ratty faded cushioning, and a hornet’s next somewhere above, […]

07 Sep 14 LP

The Books Around Us

    It’s the end of the working day and I find myself in a library. What a place. Books everywhere, shelves of them towering from the floor to the ceiling, and every rack is full.      Since I was a kid, books have been my friends, my very good friends. I was never […]

28 Aug 14 LP

Blue Dogs

It was a pack of blue dogs that tore down the doors to Pappy Dan’s barn – that I remember. I wasn’t but yay tall back then, what? five foot nothin’. Fifteen, sixteen years old? But I remember it clear as day. I remember it all, even the yellow of the flames that set the […]

20 Aug 14 LP

In the Quiet Hours

The lights are on,  Dining room, living room, down the hall,  It seems like there should be life in this place,  But it’s empty, and no one’s home,  And no one’s been home at all in two weeks, three, maybe more, People walk through here, of course; there are bodies, You see them, pretty sure […]

18 Aug 14 LP


Something I thought was worthy of a reblog for all my fantasy nerds out there.

16 Aug 14 LP

Retro Airport Gaming

Can I get a ‘hell yes’ ?

07 Aug 14 LP

China and Taiwan Summer ’14 – Experience and Theory

  “大家好!” (da4 jia1 hao3*) These were the first words my Mandarin instructor greeted the class with when I first stepped into Chinese 101 at the University of Hawai’I Manoa somewhere around 1999. Cutting to the chase, I’ve maintained study in the dialect (Mandarin. There is no true “Chinese language.”), but before June of this […]

04 Aug 14 LP

“…just sayin'”

No you’re not. You’re not ‘just saying’ anything. If you were ‘just saying’ something, there would be no reason at all for you to say whatever it is that you’re just saying. It would just fall from your face, unbidden. But that’s not the case, is it? You’re not really ‘just saying’ anything, are you? […]

22 Jul 14 LP

12:46 on a Chocolate Taipei Morning

At some point when I get back to the States, I intend to publish a rather full post of our travels here in East Asia –  the works (pictures, stories, facts, lessons learned, et cetera). But, as I’m still in the midst of those particular travels, that particular post will have to wait.  But, in […]

10 Jul 14 LP


If you have On Demand, you should watch the show Lucy on Adult Swim. Wonderful. 

21 Jun 14 LP

A Year Now, A Blink Tomorrow

And the year ends.   It’s raining here and the world is full of potential. The kids are packing up all of their stuff, and there are boxes floating like buoys across the wooden square-footage of the house. They’re scampering around, packing, rushing, sweating. They know where they’re supposed to go, but have no idea […]

19 Jun 14 LP


I’m not for any one team, but I will watch the World Cup every now and again. Soccer is one of those sports that seems it will last for an eternity. I really don’t care who wins. In the end it’s all about the games. 

13 Jun 14 LP

Graveyard of Rough Drafts

 The motto is perfect, and it’s not mine. Hit your deadlines, finish your shit, try very hard not to suck. Wendig has talked over and again about the idea graveyard of first drafts. I have this idea and I like it, but recently I just haven’t been feeling into it. Rothfuss puts it succinctly enough: […]

07 Jun 14 LP

The End of the Academic Tunnel

The end of school quickly draws near and oh, the adventures we’ll have then. I have been run ragged these past few weeks (no, no, I’m not making excuses. I’ll have you know that I did finally complete the first draft of my short story, which currently has a lengthy length of 9K+, but that […]

05 Jun 14 LP

I've never read Game of Thrones

I’ve never read Game of Thrones. I know. Right now my fellow geekdom planet out there is perhaps reacting the same way. Something like, “What do you mean you’ve never read Game of Thrones? It’s the most epic (and I use that word only because the majority of the fantasy/sci-fi geeks out there use it, […]

25 May 14 LP

Ready Player One – a flash book review

  Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline, is the best book I’ve read in the last five years. I love the world the he creates – a quasi-post-apocalyptic setting in which all members of reality are wired into the “Oasis” – their preferred alternate reality in which all of their life-like activities take place. The […]

20 May 14 LP

You're going to die

I’ve told you about how much I love Chuck Wendig in the past. This is another example of his stuff. He writes all the time and is one of my prime inspirations in the writerly life. I haven’t written in a bit, but it’s still there and I’m still at it, tackling the big piles […]

19 May 14 LP

Free write at 843

The phone didn’t ring, Mac, The phone didn’t ring,  Shake, Sing, Write,  Black and white, It’s night I think, ain’t it?  Ain’t’s a frightening word, but goes well with martinis,  German cars, and deja vu. Wasn’t it Three Dog Night who sang,  “Who do you think you’re foolin’?” Nope. Just checked. It was Simon, Paul,  […]

05 May 14 LP

Common Courtesy – First Reminder

Don’t ask.  Let them offer.  —      At least do us that favor. When you see us eating, don’t ask if you can have some. That’s called discourtesy. When you see something of ours that you would like to partake in, don’t ask. Give us the opportunity to permit. Don’t take what is not […]

30 Apr 14 LP

Writing a novel…iffn' you're interested n'all.

Chuck Wendig is one of my heroes. Number 10 is my favorite. lp —- 25 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WRITING A NOVEL I figured, okay, I just finished the first draft of a new novel. Just got a book deal for another one. Got DOUBLE DEAD coming out in November. Maybe a list of “25 Things” […]

27 Apr 14 LP

Writing a novel…iffn' you're interested n'all.

Chuck Wendig is one of my heroes. Number 10 is my favorite. lp —- 25 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WRITING A NOVEL I figured, okay, I just finished the first draft of a new novel. Just got a book deal for another one. Got DOUBLE DEAD coming out in November. Maybe a list of “25 Things” […]

27 Apr 14 LP


    Marla awoke at 3:01 Tuesday morning. One minute early. She rolled onto her side and sat up in the dark. The subdued glow of the moon snuck past the window panes of her room and lightly kissed the hardwood floors beneath her bare feet. Her eyes were still a hazy kind of closed […]

27 Apr 14 LP

Thoughts on Breaking Bad Series Finale (NO SPOILERS)

What a huge letdown.  I have purchased every season you so masterfully manufactured.  I have given you, and Amazon, and probably (somehow) many Meth Heads out there a liberal amount of my money  (to add to your stacks).  And this is how you repay me? <<shakes head and signs off>>

27 Apr 14 LP

Page or Screen – a personal policy

I have this policy. It’s more of a personal preference, really, but, either way, I’m usually pretty good about following through. The premise is straightforward enough – do not watch the cinematic rendition of an already established literary piece before first reading the piece itself. In lay terms – don’t watch the movie before reading […]

26 Apr 14 LP

Free Thoughts from Portland, ME

Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m in Portland, ME, but I’m not writing about Portland, ME right now. I’m writing about me being tired and still writing at some weird (but, at the same time, great) “business center” in the Hampton Inn at midnight – yes, midnight. Actually 14 minutes past midnight. I’ve had my […]

21 Apr 14 LP

Been Rollin'…some dice

All, Family’s been in town, and starting tomorrow, family will continue to be in town. Spring Break is how things are working out for us, and life is all kinds of good in that regard. My brother just jumped ship and headed back to ABQ today. They (he and his wife) were out partying in […]

16 Apr 14 LP

Poop Dreams – a Haiku at 11:34 p.m.

Laxative brownies, Not the best dessert I’ve had, Pretty tasty, though.

11 Apr 14 LP
Featured Image -- 1740

The Daily Routines of Geniuses

Here’s a nice piece on how geniuses work. For those of you out there who intend to spend your lives (or at least some portion of your lives) intentionally creating, may this add a mote of furthered inspiration.

09 Apr 14 LP


Fucking hate Rolos. ….hate how amazing they are. 

05 Apr 14 LP

When the student is ready…

I am reminded again today not to seek wisdom or knowledge simply from those dressed in elderly raiment, for it is easily guised. I have returned anew to the words of an ancient master.   子曰:“三人行,必有我師焉。擇其善者而從之,其不善者而改之。” How a man may find instructors for himself. The Master said, “When I walk along with two others, they […]

03 Apr 14 LP

Releasing 'Perfection'

Nothing is ever perfect on the first try, You know why? Because nothing is ever perfect. The only expectation you should have, Is one in which you will be there, At the appointed time, At the appointed location, Just as you’ve told the world (as you’ve told yourself) you would be, To again lift the dulling nib of […]

31 Mar 14 LP

Maybe you as we…

Maybe you as well can recall the feel of that sand on your soles, The cool tickle of that martini on your tongue, the one from the sweating glass, Remembering the beach

27 Mar 14 LP

Raine & Bastion: We've been discovered

Raine: “We are discovered. We must flee, immediately.” Bastion: “What? Wha–? How? How in the hell did they find us? Raine: “Shall we sit down for drinks and discuss? Shit, man, just go!” Bastion: “Okay, okay. But, the girl. What about her?” Raine: “What about her? We found her in penury and poor health.” Bastion: “And?” Raine: “And that’s how […]

24 Mar 14 LP

Read much?

A while back, I posted a poll with a question on reading. I asked all the fine folk out there how many books they read a month. Most said that they read somewhere between ZERO and THREE books a month. I thought that was pretty good. Well, not bad if your toward the THREE range, […]

24 Mar 14 LP

Tattoos in Chinese…because it's cool

Tattoo Recipient:  Uuuuhh yeeeah. So, let me get this str8. Yer gonna put perminint ink on my temperery body in a language I don’t know? Tattoo Artist (i.e. criminal mastermind who’s broken out of prison 32 times, but who’s also done some weird Prison-Graduate School program, earning like six master’s degrees, and a plumbing certificate. None of […]

22 Mar 14 LP

Breakfast of Champions (geeks only)

The FDA and Sony both approve.

16 Mar 14 LP

When death takes you

How old were you when you first came to the realization that you were going to die? I’m not sure I can conjure adequately the words here, but thinking back, I would have placed my mood somewhere in the “oh shit” range. My brother told me that he remembers the thought, and how when it […]

12 Mar 14 LP

Beach S

A couple of days ago Team Stribling took a short drive over to a long strip of sand and water known to the locals affectionately as Sagaponack Beach. The parking lot was empty as was the seemingly endless coastline, but once we cleared the steps and set our morning walking shoes on the fine sand […]

11 Mar 14 LP

The Skinny

Here’s the skinny – The kiddos are out of the house and the overall tempo of things has dropped to a beautiful low. I’m 23 days in on consecutive writing and the writing group helps a lot to that end. It’s good to collaborate with others regardless of what your endeavor is (writing, film making, […]

05 Mar 14 LP

The Skinny

Here’s the skinny – The kiddos are out of the house and the overall tempo of things has dropped to a beautiful low. I’m 23 days in on consecutive writing and the writing group helps a lot to that end. It’s good to collaborate with others regardless of what your endeavor is (writing, film making, […]

05 Mar 14 LP

Sanderson on Fantasy and WoR

You’ve heard me mention him before and I do it here again now for similar reasons. He loves what he does and he’s honest about his role in the craft. Here he is on the fantasy genre and his latest work (Book 2 in a projected nine-book series). I hope you enjoy, or if you […]

04 Mar 14 LP

Sanderson on Fantasy and WoR

You’ve heard me mention him before and I do it here again now for similar reasons. He loves what he does and he’s honest about his role in the craft. Here he is on the fantasy genre and his latest work (Book 2 in a projected nine-book series). I hope you enjoy, or if you […]

04 Mar 14 LP

Watch the Cove – don't be a dolphin-killing dickhead

Tonight marks the 2nd time for both Kerrie and I watching this movie (The Cove). Last time I opted out of the mass porpoise murder scene at the end, but tonight I felt ballsy enough to do it. What shitheads.  Anyway, for the people-lover in you, peace and love. 

01 Mar 14 LP

"I should be mo…

“I should be more compassionate, but I just don’t want to.” ~my wife (February 25th, 2014) Reflecting upon her own judgement, and giving up on the reflection. 

25 Feb 14 LP

Studying what I Love

We started off talking about Bilbo Baggins today and the Lord of the Rings. It was something that I think has been one of my favorite classes. I’ve taken several classes in linguistics and pedagogy, but never a class on a Fantasy book. Well, I’ve done several of the online Brandon Sanderson classes, which have […]

25 Feb 14 LP

Dear God: You're (like) Not Worth My Time

Dear Life, Dear God, Dear Universe, Dear Fill-in-the-Blank, Here I am – a fully capable, fully formed and apt manifestation of you, who in all reality, are me. I’m here just as You/I’ve created, with all the parts, tools, and beauties that I require for this journey. I’m capable of extending to all beings your […]

19 Feb 14 LP

Snow Day

There is no school today, It’s cancelled from a 2-hour delay, Outside the window pane, The air is white with snow, A peaceful sight, if I may, And I might just take a walk or Skip around. I could also build a snowman, With a carrot nose, Or leave some angels on the ground. I’ll […]

05 Feb 14 LP

Protected: Random Writing Prompt

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

03 Feb 14 LP

Me & Pops

Just wanted to take a second today to acknowledge my dad. He’s the man. I love you, Pops. Let’s get together soon.

03 Feb 14 LP

Couldn't Care Less about What You Think of "the Union"

  Dear Barack – Why don’t you address the fact that the U.S. went out on a manhunt for Osama bin Laden and killed him without a trial, or that the U.S. dropped more bombs on Laos and Cambodia than WWI and WWII combined and not one member of the government was convicted for war […]

29 Jan 14 LP

The Color of Water

If you haven’t read the book, you should know that it’s a memoir  – something written on the book’s cover but not a concept I took into account. James McBride does a great job on the narrative and goes into great storytelling mode when talking about his own life growing up with a white mother. […]

26 Jan 14 LP

Watchmen Bleeds

The cover of Watchmen slowly bleeding. Like it.

23 Jan 14 LP

One Piece – Vol. 31

I’ve been into Anime and Manga (English: Graphic novels) since I’ve spent a protracted period in Japan. If you’ve never been, it’s a country that’s magical and one I would recommend any day of the year. You just have to go. At least once. Even before we went to Japan, Kerrie kind of got me […]

23 Jan 14 LP

It Takes the Time it Takes – by Chuck Wendig

Chuck Wendig is a writer with scars, and one who still fires with enough to reload for years. As a writer goes through his career, she often questions herself, wonders about the different avenues of editing, selling, and publication. ‘How long does it take?’ is a question that goes on in her head and one […]

22 Jan 14 LP

When Patriotism and Capitalism collide.

Had to share it. Welcome to the humor of your political world.

21 Jan 14 LP

Jay-Z at midnight

  Yes – this is what I’m doing right now. What in the world is going on in my life? I’m scanning iTunes to see which songs Kerrie and I have…. …and we just bought an entire album. So, that’s that. So, now the only thing that’s on my mind is who gon’ run this […]

21 Jan 14 LP

'harrowing' – that's a word

This is coming out as a writing group exercise. Write about the most harrowing experience of your childhood. Hmm. I’m not sure if it’s the most harrowing experience, but it could be chalked up as maybe one of the more harrowing experiences. My cousins and I grew up together. New Mexico summers are hot, a […]

20 Jan 14 LP


We just checked into our hotel and had a bit of down time before we had to head out, so we kick our feet up and lie down on the bed. She’s playing on the phone and I’m reading a magazine. I open the magazine and two leaflets fall out and I pick them up […]

11 Jan 14 LP

mission one complete

Mission: Finish 1st Draft of short short by last night (Friday January 10th, 2014) Status: Complete Reward: Journey into city to watch the opera with wife.      I hope you all have enjoyed your week. It was a busy one for many of us, but we just keep doing what we do and that […]

11 Jan 14 LP

Let it begin – The First Poll of 2014

All – I wish you all the finest new year, and I hope you all had a joyous 2013. Let’s kick-off 2014 with a poll. What say ye? I keep thinking that we’re just not reading enough. But hey, I could be wrong. Maybe we are. Let’s find out. Whether paper version or on the […]

02 Jan 14 LP

Happy New Year! …enjoy some dark poetry!

…and just like that ~ BOOM!  ~ 2013 is done. Damn, that was quick. I hope you all found  yourselves in the company of friends, family, and loved ones during the closing of last year’s curtain. …and while you were doing that, I was relaxing in the quiet recesses of my own glory writing some sweet […]

02 Jan 14 LP

Technology – Friend or Foe?

            I watched the sequel to the first Hobbit film last night, and thought for the most part that, among other things, it was a wee better than the first.  It got me thinking about several disparate ideas involving technology and how much of a part of our contemporary culture […]

28 Dec 13 LP

Zombie? Serf? Choose your title.

The following is from a quick article I read online [here]. If you’ve never heard about it and you’re sick of corporate and media control of your minds and your every move, Adbusters is something I think you should check out. Why? Because it’s a little taster of what’s going on behind the curtain of […]

26 Dec 13 LP

just a note

We just got to OLY and, I’m crazy about my wife. I can’t imagine going through life with anyone else. Love you, Doll. We’re on VAYKAY!

22 Dec 13 LP

Top Ten – Books Affecting Me

There’s this whole series of, well, let’s call them “re-postings” for lack of a better term, all over Facebook having to do with a list of the top ten books that have affected people. The verb that is being splattered all over the FB world is ‘impact,’ but I prefer to abstain from using it […]

14 Dec 13 LP

a few more weeks

Just a few more weeks and it’s Xmas break. Can’t wait.  Mom, be home soon. Pops, see you when we see you.  Doll – you’re magical. Thanks for the finest 8N8. —– Her: You’re welcome! Me: Thanks, Doll.  Her: No, you don’t even know you’re thanking me for. (takes spoon out of her mouth and […]

11 Dec 13 LP

"There is no du…

“There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy. By being happy we sow anonymous benefits upon the world.” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson Let’s keep beauties like these in our minds. 

09 Dec 13 LP

All Hail

Kickback to the 1980s – The Finest Decepticon Leader

09 Dec 13 LP

Nash had it right – Where has English gone?

Laments for a Dying Language by Ogden Nash What’s the monster of this week?“Mystique”—A noun that in its current arcane use leaves me frigid,Since it is not to be found in either the O.E.D. or Webster’s Unabridgèd.It is primarily the invention of the mystagogues of esoteric criticism, so it means whatever they choose,But I will give […]

09 Dec 13 LP

Mosquito Gun – Part II…err III

All –       Mos-Gun III is up. If you’re not sure what it is, this is my short story done in 200-word increments with others who are in the make-a-200-word-story-in-200-word-story club. AnyWHO, Part II was proffered by my good man, PaulfNY (signaled by the aster*sk) Rock on, brother. To the rest of you, have […]

06 Dec 13 LP

A NaNo summary

  ..and that was it. 30 days gone before you know it. For those of us who weren’t aware, or for those of you who only knew of the No-Shave November thing, here’s what NaNo is.             Familiarly called National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo is using every day of November to write 50,000 novels, and […]

01 Dec 13 LP

Wendig Flash Fiction – 200-word Intro

Hey all – Chuck Wendig’s throwing out a weekly 200-word flash fiction challenge.  Thought I’d toss out my first 200 words. -lp Mosquitoes suck. Fact. I’m not just talking about their physical abilities, but more of how, well, how sucky they are. I cannot stand the little flying dicks. But I can’t be the only […]

01 Dec 13 LP

GL Titan

Someone’s in trouble

27 Nov 13 LP

The couch – a NaNoWriMo excerpt

NaNo’s going well and the word count’s coming along. I hope the writing’s coming for you. I thought I would share one of my latest excerpts from one of the final chapters in Epsilon Claw. Here’s ‘The Couch’.  Happy Holidays. -lp ————–   “Take that shit off,” he said.             She struggled in her fear […]

26 Nov 13 LP

NaNo Pep Talk by Lev Grossman

This is a NaNoWriMo Pep Talk that I gained from Lev Grossman today and I think it’s one of the best. They’re all good, but this advice is spot-on. Keep writing, folks. Keep the fingers on the Keys! LP ——- Dear Novelist, Okay, here we are: more than halfway through, right in the thick of […]

21 Nov 13 LP

Protected: Test Whiners

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

19 Nov 13 LP

The Bones of the Craft

The Bones of the Craft When we finally make the decision to write, we tend to look at ways others have done it, searching through books and online articles to find any piece of advice that would help. There are a few that I have found that really take passing the advice along seriously. Chuck […]

14 Nov 13 LP

published flash

  My flash piece “Eggs Upon Rising” was published today over at Garden Gnome Publications. I hope you enjoy.

14 Nov 13 LP


The most incredible lyricist I’ve ever listened to. This is freestyle – no preparation. He has a history of hateful messages, but that aside, the man is (in my opinion) amazing.

12 Nov 13 LP

Back to Monday

Hello there my dear friends,       Back to Monday tomorrow and I must say that the weekend was an enjoyable one which started off with Kit Kats and peanut butter cups. Went for a beautiful run this morning and was able to connect with family and some friends. The good news is we have […]

11 Nov 13 LP

Pep Talk Rothfuss Style

Peptalk Rothfuss style Pat has his own special pep-talky way about him. Grab your writing enthusiasm with a nice “Rothfusian” pep talk, as Howard Tayler would say. Sit. Down. Write

07 Nov 13 LP

Iron Deadpool Armor –

Umm, yes please.

06 Nov 13 LP

Grandpa – Our Wave Together

THE FINAL WAVE I didn’t write about this when it happened because it was too hard, and, to be honest, I’m not sure I’ll do any justice in the words I type now. There were too many emotions, images, and memories. Too much of me trying to recall the last time I saw him, heard […]

01 Nov 13 LP

Protected: a poem for you – password 'silver'

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

27 Oct 13 LP

Pacific Rim…why?

That was probably the worst choice I’ve made in movies…ever. 

21 Oct 13 LP

Red Door After Dark

Red Door After Dark By L.P. Stribling On a lightless street in the dark end of town, A child is lost, And mom’s not around, But he’s old enough to be curious, And young enough to be dumb, He trusts that the night will grant him Delight, And he hums, and he whistles, And he […]

20 Oct 13 LP

Sunday Night Black and White

Here’s the deal.   I have been in a cave, a work cave, and life has been flying by. I’ve been meaning to reach out to those who I am close to in terms of art and creation, but it still seems that the time has gotten away from me. “I’ll read it; I can’t […]

14 Oct 13 LP

Protected: Looking Glass (password: mirror)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

13 Oct 13 LP

Closing Forests

I heard today that national forests were shut down. Riiiight. Isn’t that one seriously large fence line to cover? Now, I’m no arborist nor do I work in forestry, but I’m pretty sure Uncle Sam doesn’t have the human capital to pull that one off. ‘Nature – Closed Until Further Notice.’ Gotta love human societies.

03 Oct 13 LP

Sunday Sunday

Another week down, and along with the time, we’re all slowly, ever slowly, beginning to fall into some sort of rhythm. We really enjoy it here and we’re thankful to have you all supporting us through it all. We’ve met some wondrous souls along our paths, and many of you, as you know, have come […]

29 Sep 13 LP

The Big Idea: Brandon Sanderson

Sanderson is an author I respect. I’ve said this before; he’s not an author I wold rank up there as one of the most incredible authors in the world, but I give him heaps of respect. He’s done so much to encourage the next generation to write and write boldly. That’s all he seems to […]

29 Sep 13 LP

Hip in the Hamptons

Has it been that long? Jesus. Well, if it matters at all, I have just had the first break in a long while this past weekend. Here’s the gist of it – my job is great. My wife and I live in the Hamptons in an incredible house….and a pool. That’s it. Okay, no, that’s […]

24 Sep 13 LP
08 Sep 13 LP

Mom with 13 boys

School starts tomorrow. I’m in a house with (soon to be) 10 eighteen-year-old boys, another house-parent, and a wife. Thus, my will to get out of bed this morning is significantly lower than that of my otherwise chirpy self.     But that’s okay. It all works out in the end.     We had a barbecue […]

08 Sep 13 LP

The writing doe…

The writing doesn’t stop because you’re busy. You’re writing stops because you’re choosing not to write. ~me

07 Sep 13 LP


此處 何所之 君曉得嗎? 問我自己時 回答不了 天知道 無知

30 Aug 13 LP

Advice in the Hands of the Wordsmiths

Scanning Reddit and found this delightful link where inspiring authors give us the basics on their hands. If there’s anything to be said about the process and persistence, it’s said here with the Rothfuss palm right in your face. The idea’s simple – keep going. Gaiman starts it off in his own pithy way: Write, […]

27 Aug 13 LP

Skinny Guys

“I don’t like guys who are skinnier than me.” ~Kerrie (wife)

27 Aug 13 LP

…even if you have to dig

No matter what kind of day you’re experiencing personally, find the proof that makes this statement valid, even if you have to dig.

25 Aug 13 LP

L.P. in East Hampton

I’m in East Hampton, NY. Can you believe that shit?  I’m in this little rinky-dink town where the locals walk around with more cash on their person than the cost of a basic bone-resetting surgery.              I mean, don’t get me wrong. It’s cute and all; it’s just weird. Kerrie and I flew out of […]

21 Aug 13 LP

The realization…

that you’ve just sent in your final project for your final class, for that one degree that was never going to allow you to whisper that one final word. Finally.

14 Aug 13 LP


You never disappear.

11 Aug 13 LP

Late-night Excuses

I’ve been away for a bit and don’t have time to explain. It’s late and I have shit to do, like sleep. This is just another short reminder, sort of to myself, that Father Time isn’t waiting for me. Don’t get too happy; he’s not waiting for you either. He’s a crafty fucker with a […]

08 Aug 13 LP

Forcing Art

I agree with Chuck. http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2013/08/06/yes-virginia-you-can-totally-force-art/

08 Aug 13 LP

Do you write?

Charts by Chuck

08 Aug 13 LP

Metroid Cosplay

Seamus in the flesh

01 Aug 13 LP

Pissed I missed Comic Con

Pissed that I missed Comic Con this year. Actually, I’m pissed that I’ve never been, so in that regard, I’m pissed that I’ve missed Comic Con ever since I’ve known what Comic Con was. My friend, Kyle got to go, and he lives in Korea. How does that work? I doubt there’s anyone reading this […]

01 Aug 13 LP

Novel Writing and Related Topics FAQ

Scalzi is not an author I’ve read, but he intrigues me, somehow. Here’s a page on some fan FAQs. There may be some good info in here for you. -lp

28 Jul 13 LP

To the artists…

This one goes out to the artists, the people who spend their time creating – the painters, the musicians, the designers, the writers, the architects, the drawers, the sculptors, and everything between those lines. This is for those who dream actively, knowing that thought without action is still as unproductive as sitting in front of […]

26 Jul 13 LP

The Small Moments when Nothing Makes Sense

So, my wife is shipping a brand new car to my college mailbox. Did I hear that right? Here I am in a college-level intensive foreign-language program and I’m not really sure I understood the English conversation my wife and I just had.  Seriously, what’s going on? I’m actually not ready to even face that […]

24 Jul 13 LP


Just learned that Isaac Asimov (1920-1992) wrote four books a year for many years of his career. L. Ron Hubbard was also known to write up over 1,000,000 words a year. Damn. I’m behind.

21 Jul 13 LP

15-Day Challenge in 1 Post – 'cause I'm speedy

I’m not going to go into this, folks. Pretty self-explanatory. Comment if you feel the urge. Here we go. Day ONE: Make 15 Book-related confessions: 1. I’d read the bible in dim light over 50 Shades of Grey any day of the week. I’m pretty sure I would get more turned on with biblical language […]

19 Jul 13 LP

Pirating Legally

            I walk around the library for fifteen minutes to find the perfect study spot with the perfect study seat, and it just so happens to be the loudest fucking reclining chair in the state. All I want to do is get comfortable, and you would think I was trying to separate the recycling during […]

14 Jul 13 LP

Graphic Novels & Breast Missiles

I’m in the middle of homework and I thought I’d take a bit of a break and write something up on an interest of mine for the world to read. What the hell, right? And that topic is – comic books. Never really got into them as a kid. I did, however, have me a […]

08 Jul 13 LP


Theodora Goss has some nice words to say reflecting on Emerson’s “Self-Reliance.”

08 Jul 13 LP

Back into the groove

Just getting back to Middlebury this morning and it feels good to see some old friends. This will be the final 6-week term for me before I’m off and running for the next adventure, whatever that may bring. Writing’s going well. Didn’t get much done today and my excuse does not fall into the few […]

03 Jul 13 LP

Pissing Off the System

Edward Snowden, I hereby find you guilty of heroism and courage! I don’t watch the news. So, nine days out of ten, I don’t know what’s going on the world. What I do watch is for language practice, because, frankly, the news is a tool for mass-control via fear and guilt, and that’s just not […]

01 Jul 13 LP

Monday Cometh!

Father’s Day was superb. Had some pizza, threw some helpless oysters on a piping hot grill, salad from mom’s garden and wine all around. I ate, I tested, I tasted, tweeted (kinda) about it. Anyhow. Got some reading done, some writing done, hung out with a wiener dog named Vinny, grabbed some ice cream, played […]

17 Jun 13 LP

Advice from Gaiman

Advice from Gaiman Some great advice from Neil Gaiman on getting published.

15 Jun 13 LP

X-Files : Noir

Found this one while browsing through Reddit and thought I’d share.

14 Jun 13 LP

Harlan Ellison – one of the greats

Harlan Ellison – one of the greats This is a fantastic interview with one of the finest writers of our time. Harlan Ellison’s life as a writer is one I would encourage all aspiring writers to learn of. If you have Amazon Prime, so I’m told, you can watch a movie (on Amazon) about him. […]

14 Jun 13 LP

Step Inside my Office

Let me tell you about my office. Q: “Levi, how do you have an office, aren’t you a full-time student?” Well, yes. For those of you who aren’t in the know, yes, as far as the outside world is concerned, my current social label is ‘full-time student.’ But that doesn’t mean I can’t have an […]

13 Jun 13 LP

What's in a name?

            When I was young, I wasn’t too keen on my name. ‘Levi’? What the hell kind of name was that? Everyone else had normal names, at least to my ears. They had names like: Marcus, Sam, Orlando, Rebecca, Pam, Jay, Rudy, Carlos, Gabe, things like that. But me, I was way off in left […]

10 Jun 13 LP


It’s only Flash, folks. You write 500 words and win. That’s it. Simple. Now get to writing.

07 Jun 13 LP

Meeting Robin Hobb: Part II

It was probably the nicest author signing I’ve been to (and that’ s not saying all that much, seeing as how I haven’t been to too many). Reasons? Well, let’s see: 1. In all there were probably fewer than twenty people. 2. She was way cool – a genuinely kind person who was open to […]

02 Jun 13 LP

Meeting Robin Hobb

Tomorrow I will meet Robin Hobb. Not only is she a giant in the world of fantasy literature, she is also one of my favorite authors. Most of you reading this may not have heard of her, and I’ve taken that into account. If you’re in that group, you can read the following paragraph and […]

01 Jun 13 LP

Gaiman's Inspiring Keynote Address

Gaiman’s Inspiring Keynote Address One of the most inspiring keynote address I’ve read. Apt, knowing Gaiman wrote it.

30 May 13 LP

Sanderson's 2013 Online Writing Course – FREE

Geeks, Nerds, Dragon-N-Fantasy Freaks – if you’re ready and committed to write 1,000 words a week from June through September, if you’re ready to learn from a modern fantasy-writing machine whose popularity exploded when he finished the final three books in Jordan’s Wheel of Time, if you want to get better by writing every day […]

30 May 13 LP

Robin Hobb (as Megan Lindholm) on what really matters

Robin Hobb (as Megan Lindholm) on what really matters Fantasy writer, Robin Hobb, writes here as her other side (Megan Lindholm), talking about how the changing world of publishing, and how important the writing still is.

29 May 13 LP

Protected: nightmare (password – nightmare)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

28 May 13 LP

Hellions – not optimal

Thus far the morning has consisted of coffee, breakfast, and ~1,400 words.   Fair.               Not optimal, of course, but fair. ‘Optimal’ is running through an underground ice canyon with two fully-loaded hand cannons chasing a sizeable pack of plague-infested hellions. ‘Optimal’ is escaping death by leaping off the edge of the world with […]

23 May 13 LP

Amazon Monetizes Fan-Fiction : WTF??

From the pages of Chuck Wendig : Amazon Monetizes Fan-Fiction : WTF?? All Your Fanfiction Belong To Us: What The Fuck Is Kindle Worlds? Amazon is now monetizing fan-fiction. I mean, I guess? The press release (with scads more detail) is right here. I am of two minds on this. Maybe three minds. MAYBE A […]

22 May 13 LP

The Button Man and The Murder Tree

The Button Man and The Murder Tree Two minutes, One left now, The Button Man knows, He’ll take me before long, Six times today, he has spawned, The itches are getting worse, I hear, But, that’s all the news I get, anymore, One minute left…actually, time’s up. No more excuses. The Button Man’s seen my […]

17 May 13 LP

Hey! Mass SF/F Signing! Tomorrow! San Jose! 5:30 – 7:30! With Me!

Ummm, so a Mass SF/F signing in San Jose tomorrow? Yes, please.

17 May 13 LP

My brother's first published story

My brother, Jeremy, just days after graduating from Med School, shows the world his first published story. Horace and Juju Tip the Scales

16 May 13 LP

Brett – book I: TWM

Two days ago, I finished Peter V. Brett‘s The Warded Man, and thought it was pretty darn good. The story concept is great (I’m actually curious how he came up with that and  long it took him to smooth out), and I thought he did a great job executing it. The writing is solid, and, […]

15 May 13 LP

Dr. Miller, I presume.

On Friday, May 10th 2013, my brother Jeremy graduated from medical school. A pretty hefty accomplishment, if you ask me. Even if you don’t ask me, it’s notable. Jason, Jeremy, and I grew up together in Albuquerque, NM, and although I’m not biologically in the fraternal hood, they’ve adopted me as the third brother, and […]

15 May 13 LP

Book Blogger Hop – May 3 to May 9

What are the books others have told you about?

09 May 13 LP


Tomorrow I get to be with my wife. Freakin’ finally! I’m done with school (for the semester) in one week, and then it’s a long break in Seattle with Kerrie and some good friends. The semester’s shot by, but I’m ready to get out of here.

09 May 13 LP

The Writer

So very true.

03 May 13 LP

Biological presents

I love Santa.

02 May 13 LP

3 weeks to go – rounding third

This has to have been the swiftest semester I’ve ever experienced. I remember the first week and thinking I had time – time to write the papers, time to make the presentations, read the articles, do the research…and here I am, three weeks out from closing the curtain. Then what? Then, that’s it. Kerrie’s going […]

30 Apr 13 LP

Protected: Citizen of Rome – a poem

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

24 Apr 13 LP


The following is from a session between Dr. Jack Harrison and a female subject placed under his care for a period of two months whose name will remain anonymous. For the duration of their time together, she was given the name Jaime. LAPD has, during this time, been conducting a full search for the youngest […]

23 Apr 13 LP


            Max sat amongst the dead, whistling to himself. There wasn’t must else to do during a hollowing . After all, it was punishment and, like the rest, he just had to do his time. But his whistling wasn’t out of boredom, but a natural reaction  to deal with the frustration of having to wait […]

19 Apr 13 LP

Arlen's Wisdom: Walking the Walk

So, I’m reading Peter V. Brett’s The Warded Man (I know, I know – I still haven’t finished it. But A., I’m in Grad School, and B., I’m closer to the end than I was yesterday!) and just ran across a great couple of pages in which I believe the author is giving some wonderful […]

15 Apr 13 LP

Team Stribling – eight years later –

As of today, my wife, Kerrie, and I have been together for EIGHT years. I’m still not sure how it all happened. I’m shaking my head at it all, really. How in the world have we made it this far? It’s funny. I just talked with a friend a couple of days ago about how […]

10 Apr 13 LP


The doorknob was cold when Kim grabbed it. But nighttime in Minnesota makes anything cold, and she didn’t have any other expectations. “Can we hurry up and just finish this, please?”  Darla’s whines grated on Kim’s ears, but after two years of being “roomies”, it wasn’t as bad as it used to be. Kim jiggled […]

06 Apr 13 LP

Gordon's Recording

“Now, seal the envelope.”   Gordon’s neck cramped holding the now sweaty phone between his ear and a cocked shoulder. He watched his fingers fumble over one another as they made a haphazard seal of the cream envelope.   “Aren’t you going to lick it first?”   The voice on the other end still made […]

27 Mar 13 LP

Fuck Money – Writing and Cash (Chuck Wendig)

Fuck Money – Writing and Cash (Chuck Wendig) Writer, Chuck Wendig, gives a little spiel about the writing business and how the cash flow works along with it.

27 Mar 13 LP

It is a well-kn…

It is a well-known fact that those people who must want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it… anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job. -Douglas Adams (author, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

26 Mar 13 LP

Hungry at Two A.M.

   Charlie was just too young to be in the kitchen after midnight in the first place. It wasn’t like he wasn’t warned. That’s not a subjective judgment; it’s the truth. But that’s a different story. For now this is the only one I’m telling. He had snuck down exactly at two o’clock, when his […]

21 Mar 13 LP

Protected: A Steal (tentative) – a poem

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

21 Mar 13 LP

A Snippet of Something New

It’s just after THReE o’clock on a Sunday on the March-end of the calendar. Washington’s a beautiful place, and I’m glad to call it home. I just finished a short-story and am throwing out a little snippet here. The story’s short on it’s own (thus the name ‘short story’) and I really don’t want to […]

18 Mar 13 LP
13 Mar 13 LP


相聲特好笑。昨晚才意識到馬季,一位著名相聲藝術家。學中文學了這麼多年了還不知道馬季這個名字。怎麼可能的呀?或許會有人不相信。會說“一個象你華語學了這麼久的人怎麼沒聽過馬季啊?”針對此題我實在無藉口。真不好說啊。只能說我是昨晚在看到他的一片相聲。特老,可真兜! 從現在回顧一看,當我開始學中文時要是能多多瞭解中國文化裡笑聲扮演多麼重的絕色,那就多好耶。可沒法子。學甚麼不管從何處開始下筆,只要達到目的地,就可以說你所謂的成功,你拿好了。 我們都有自己必得爬之山,必得挖之穴,必得走的路。在此點重中之重在於學者的毅力堅強,耐心穩定,而精神靈活。只要堅持下去,有自信,連往來的懷疑也無法擋住。 提醒你自己你到底想實行甚麼。只要你日益有進步(即便是一滴滴的進步),其他慢慢就會自然跟著.

12 Mar 13 LP

Amen – I'm alive

Live, Love, Be Happy

09 Mar 13 LP

The Goings-On

It’s been a while since I’ve written something here, so I thought I’d throw something down to give everyone a shout out. I have recently put down Stephenson’s Snow Crash and picked up Brett’s The Warded Man. Nothing against the former; his prose is stupendous, but I just didn’t find myself in with his story. […]

01 Mar 13 LP

What Nobody Tells Beginners

Just keep doing it. Keep your nose to the grindstone and push yourself, and you’ll figure it out.

25 Feb 13 LP

Story Board 7 – Writing Sex

Pat comes together with some friends to talk about the best way to bring out the bedroom.

22 Feb 13 LP

Idiocratic Tendencies

            Something was brought up today in class by a friend of mine and I thought I would throw out a comment or two on it. It’s something that I’ve been thinking about for quite sometime and my friend’s mentioning of it sort of brings me back into the moment. That idea is the danger […]

13 Feb 13 LP

Dear Grandma – a letter

Dear Grandma, It was just two days ago that I called you up and said hello. You weren’t able to talk, but I could still hear your voice, quiet, on the other end. It was okay because I could talk with you and just tell you what was going on with me. You sounded just […]

06 Feb 13 LP

Name in Lights

Name in Lights It’s a start, eh?

04 Feb 13 LP

When should information be public?

The events above happened on January 11th, but regardless of when they happened, I’m bummed to learn about stuff like this. On a base level, all we have are the facts in text, but it still doesn’t take away from the idea that there are certain self-proclaimed elite bodies of authority out there (government bodies, […]

04 Feb 13 LP

Protected: new short (in progress) – contact me for password

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

04 Feb 13 LP

Reading goals – fantastic idea.

03 Feb 13 LP

How to Win a Hugo

How to Win a Hugo Sounds easy enough

02 Feb 13 LP

change Your thoughts, change your life

This will be one of the finest hours you can ever give of your life.

31 Jan 13 LP

“To be nobody b…

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best day and night to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle any human being can fight and never stop fighting.” ~ e e cummings

30 Jan 13 LP

On Guns

Guns – definitely not man’s best friend.   My t.v. remained off during the ado over the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings. My thoughts were somewhere along the lines of ‘what is the point of getting all up in arms over this?’ Why would I want to go out of my way and start pointing fingers? […]

28 Jan 13 LP

Stephen King calls for gun reform

Stephen King calls for gun reform Author, Stephen King, calls for gun reform in an essay on Kindle.

28 Jan 13 LP

Black Mirror

That’s right – stop thinking for yourself.

23 Jan 13 LP

Hitting the Deadline

Do deadlines make a difference? I know there’s no right answer to any question (a topic to fuss over later), but my answer for the moment is a clear and constant YES. The deadline is that invisible slap in the face that wakes us out of our directionless stupor and click’s us back on the […]

21 Jan 13 LP

Seek ever to live as the child you once were.

A fine question to ask when you can stop and calm yourself.

18 Jan 13 LP

Seek ever to live as the child you once were.

A fine question to ask when you can stop and calm yourself.

18 Jan 13 LP

17,148 words – a not-so-short story

The time is now 6:14 p.m. on Wednesday night and I’ve just finished the first draft of my short story….and it’s no longer considered a short story. In fact, I passed the short story mark around 2,000+ words ago. You see, at 15,000 words your once “short story” is now considered a novella. Either you […]

17 Jan 13 LP

The Trust Fall – oops

This girl wasn’t fully explained how the trust fall works.

15 Jan 13 LP

A movie, an opera, and dinner with a girl friend

It’s nine thirty at night and I just finished watching the Dark Knight Rises.  I will NOT be watching that again. What an abhorrent film. The acting, the scenarios … goddammit. Laughable. Okay, let’s move on to happier things. So, tomorrow, Kerrie and I are heading over to Seattle to watch the showing of Cinderella […]

13 Jan 13 LP

A Memory of Light – finally.

The link below is to the Sanderson blog, which has a nice lengthy entry on some of his thoughts. Brandon Sanderson Blog: It’s finally out.. THE BREAK DOWN For those of you who have seen lots of this picture (right), and have no idea what the fuck it is, what the fuck it means, or […]

11 Jan 13 LP

The Last Unicorn – a review (spoiler-free)

I just finished The Last Unicorn, by Peter S. Beagle a couple of days ago and what a beautifully written book. I had long heard about it and Rothfuss never stops talking about it, so I just had to give it a shot. There are tons of well-penned sentences in this piece. Beagle creates a […]

08 Jan 13 LP

“If we could ch…

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.” ~ Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869 – 1948)

08 Jan 13 LP

A Dark Voice

Night filled the white space of what day had managed to creep through the kitchen window and Charlotte scrambled through the house. The main hallway blackened with her every step as though a band of night daemons hopped along after her footfalls, teasing her until ready to feed. “You do know no harm will come […]

03 Jan 13 LP

2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: 600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,400 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 4 years to get […]

03 Jan 13 LP

Story Board VI – Begin at the Beginning

Rothfuss is back with author, Mary Robinette Kowal to talk about beginnings.

03 Jan 13 LP

Happy New Year – 2013

Happy New Year! To you, Dear Reader, I wish you a very merry New Year. 2012 was fantastic and I was able to meet new people and make some new great friends.  For that I am very thankful. I was discharged from active duty in the Navy in February and spent the next few months […]

02 Jan 13 LP

As a rule, man …

As a rule, man is a fool, When it’s hot, he wants it cool, When it’s cool, he wants it hot, Always wanting, what is not, -unknown

28 Dec 12 LP
28 Dec 12 LP

December 27th – The Last Unicorn

I’ve already updated my status on Goodreads. I’ve begun The Last Unicorn, by Peter S. Beagle. This is a book that is long overdue. I’ve been meaning to read this, but there is a grand difference between ‘meaning’ to do something and ‘doing’ something. So, enough of that. I’m doing it. We just got back […]

28 Dec 12 LP

Schools Kill Creativity

A TED talk from 2006 and a must-watch if you’re concerned about the future of our education.

21 Dec 12 LP

Worldbuilders – a way to change the world

I think it’s safe to say that Patrick Rothfuss is a fine human being. Not only does he write fantasy books that have taken the world by storm, but more importantly, he helps feed the world, and thereby sends love to those in need. Each year, Rothfuss spearheads an event known as Worldbuilders. It is […]

19 Dec 12 LP

Neil Patrick Harris & Nathan Fillion – Puppet Dreams

Thanks to Mary Robinette Kowal for passing this one along. It’s terrific.

18 Dec 12 LP

Scalzi’s take on the Hobbit film. I’m pretty much in agreement with him when it comes to the ‘Tolkien purist’ bit.

18 Dec 12 LP

10 to Ten

It’s 10 minutes to ten o’clock here in WA, and I’m still up and about. I’m thinking about throwing a shout out to my brother, Jeremy, who is officially a medical doctor as of 12/15/12. Congrats, brother! But, officially, I haven’t decided to do that, so don’t spread the word quite yet. I threw down […]

18 Dec 12 LP

U.S. Media, Brainwashing, "The News" – Erasing the Human Ability to Think

ON NEWS Unless I’m required to (for work or school), I don’t watch the news. I don’t read it either. I don’t listen to it, ask others about it, inject it; listen, I don’t absorb news. Why? Because it’s tainted. It’s media-injected fear-laced propaganda that sinks into our brains like liquid on human skin. There’s […]

15 Dec 12 LP

The Cult of Done

Getting shit done.

15 Dec 12 LP

Girl on the Screen – a short intro

I’ve done some outlining and have started a new short story. It’s still early to decide on an apt title, but I’ve begun penning all the same. Below is a short look at the beginning. I hope you enjoy it. Levi ___   The girl on the screen clawing at the concrete wall was a […]

13 Dec 12 LP

Mary Robinette Kowal – Outlining

Mary Robinette Kowal – Outlining This is one of the greatest displays of a story outline I’ve come across. Kowal is a fantasy author and solid writer. Something to consider.

11 Dec 12 LP

Nick Hornby on writing (a NaNo pep talk)

One of the questions that is probably troubling you at the moment is this: How do I know whether I’m a writer? And the question can only be answered with another question: Well, do you write? If you don’t, you’re not. If you do, you are. There’s nothing else to it. If, in a month’s […]

11 Dec 12 LP

A Note to You, Should You Be Thinking of Asking Me to Write For You For Free

A Note to You, Should You Be Thinking of Asking Me to Write For You For Free.

10 Dec 12 LP

Wonderful Café Music

Dan Henig and his surprise coffee house music.

09 Dec 12 LP

Story Board IV: The Internets

Scalzi, Wheaton, Rothfuss, and someone I don’t know as well. Fantasy gang chats Internet. 1.2 hours – enjoy.

05 Dec 12 LP


Using the space for a bit of venting, if you don’t mind. It could be because it’s the end of the semester and there’s a lot going on. It could be because my wife and I got into a little tiff last night over something absurd. It could be because I’m simply finding again how […]

04 Dec 12 LP

Using December

It’s almost noon on the first Saturday in December, and I’m right where I should be in life, although I have my own opinion about that. I began grad school in June this year, and in one week, I’ll have hit the half-way mark. The friends, the classes, the work, they all seem cronies of […]

01 Dec 12 LP

The Power of 'I AM'

The Power of ‘I AM’ Throughout life you’ve been through a conditioning process that’s created a mind-set overflowing with I am nots. As a schoolchild with a less than satisfactory grade on your report card, you thought to yourself, I am not smart. You place anywhere other than number one and say, I am not […]

26 Nov 12 LP

Friends – a reflection

There’s something to be said about the true nature of friendship. Your friends are there when your parents can’t be. At least that’s what I’ve found to be true. I was thinking just the other day about how many friends I’ve had in my life and how many times they’ve really come though for me. […]

25 Nov 12 LP

The Bated Ones

The Bated Ones. I’ve seen them running round the city streets, lurking under  dimmed traffic lights by the River District. They have their hands out and their heads down, tucked out of the realm of visible recognition. “Bit of change.” This and the minimal variations are the only words uttered from their blackened unwashed bodies, […]

25 Nov 12 LP


Not too hard of a language.

22 Nov 12 LP

NaNo – PR

      NaNoWriMo started 15 days ago with one goal – to complete a novel of 50,000 words within the 30 days of November. I write this now having completed my 3rd NaNoWriMo event with a new personal record time. I have finished this challenge in 15 days.         But, you know what? I didn’t do […]

18 Nov 12 LP

Three Wishes

Three Wishes Damn. This is a tough one.

14 Nov 12 LP

Café Mafiosa

It’s currently 10:24 a.m. and I’ve been invaded by like 14 older Italian guys who’ve all come here to gossip…or talk about killing someone. I’m not sure which. I do not speak Italian and am therefor keeping this entry short for fear I may be the next to be killed. I kid. This is a […]

10 Nov 12 LP

America’s First Ever Hindu Congresswoman Will Take the Oath of Office Over the Bhagavad Gita

America’s First Ever Hindu Congresswoman Will Take the Oath of Office Over the Bhagavad Gita Last night, Hawaii not only elected Japan-born Mazie Hirono to be the first ever Asian-American woman elected to the Senate, they also elected Democrat Tulsi Gabbard as the first ever practicing Hindu to the US House of Representatives.

08 Nov 12 LP

Story Board Episode 4 –

Myke Cole, Peter V. Brett, the whole gang is here with Rothfuss for a good 1.5 hours of chit chat.

07 Nov 12 LP

D&D with Fantasy Greats

Rothfuss, Cole, Abercrombie, Lake, Peter V. Brett, and others get together for a massive D&D game. Kick ass.

06 Nov 12 LP

Before I see them…

So, I’ve heard that Man with the Iron Fists is pretty good. I also know that Paranormal Activity 4 was pretty bad. The Hobbit, I expect, will be as good as Hollywood can make it, and that’s all I can really comment on right now. I can officially say that I don’t go out to […]

06 Nov 12 LP


Samantha wakes to the faint rattle of a chain somewhere ahead of her. Her eyes blink open, but the pitch black cell offers nothing to see. It’s only in the renewed awareness of where she is that the fear comes. She is cold, and with this memory she curls, hugging her shivering body. When the […]

01 Nov 12 LP

Free Gaiman short story – "Click-Clack, The Rattlebag."

    Neil Gaiman, one of the more popular authors of contemporary fantasy (author of  such gems as Stardust, American Gods, Anansi Boys, Neverwhere, and the graphic novel The Sandman) has just come out with a short story called “Click-Clack, The Rattlebag,” available on Audible.com free. It’s a quick listen (10+ minutes) and with every download, […]

29 Oct 12 LP

The True Meaning of Halloween

Can we agree on the fact that the term “Halloween Party” is a grave misnomer. I think something along the lines of, “Dress-Like-a-Jackass-and-Get-Drunk-Party” is more like it. Let’s face it, you’re not going to the event to celebrate Halloween. How do I know this? Here’s how: LP: Where did Halloween come from and why do […]

28 Oct 12 LP

Tempus Fugit

School’s cool and all, but damn, there are times when all I want to do is…non-school work, and, with the end of the semester closing in, those times are coming around to visit more and more. On Tuesday night, I met up with our NaNoWriMo group for the first time and it was pretty cool […]

25 Oct 12 LP

“I know, but I hate having patience.” – Kerrie (wife) After I told her she’s just gotta dig in.

21 Oct 12 LP

Too Pretty to Cut

  I’m stallin’. She’s too pretty to cut. Boss told me to make it quick and make it clean, Said he’d be out for the afternoon, and then he’d let me off. Long as I get the job done, get it done right. “Boss, why I gotta do it? Why don’t Giffy do it?” I […]

20 Oct 12 LP

Knuckles Cracked for NaNo

If you’ve never heard of NaNoWriMo, you have A.) not been following my blog long enough, and B.) not in the know. I’m not offended, however. I just consider you to have finally found your way to the light. It’s pronounced NA(as in ‘knack’)-NO-RYE-MOE and it’s an acronym for National Novel Writing Month. It takes […]

16 Oct 12 LP



11 Oct 12 LP

"Anyone who lives within…

“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from lack of imagination.”

– Oscar Wilde

08 Oct 12 LP

25 Ways to Get Your Creative Groove Back

  The following is from a writing inspiration of mine, Chuck Wendig. #25 is my favorite http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2012/10/02/25-ways-to-get-your-creative-groove-back-as-a-writer/   23. Fail Failure feels like an ending, but it’s not. I will continue to assert that fail is profound. It is both deconstructive and instructive at the same time. If you look at failure just the right […]

05 Oct 12 LP

words from me to you

To my darling wife, This message seems long overdue, but it’s something that has been meant for you, since day one, and every day since. It has never been enough to just tell you that I love you. I’ve always felt that in as many times that I say it, there’s still something left over, […]

04 Oct 12 LP

Story Board #3: Form and Function


Pat’s got a great cast here on this one.

04 Oct 12 LP

Blind to You – Collie Buddz


Got this from the Matisyahu station on Pandora. Everything I’ve heard from them is dope.

03 Oct 12 LP

Big Brother is Watching You

Big Brother is Watching You

Dear &&&&,

Did you see John’s email yesterday about the Big Government statists gearing up to seize control of the Internet through Executive Order?

Some of you may have had trouble accessing our Manifesto due to technical issues on our end – which have now been resolved.

But since the stakes just got higher, I felt I must forward you John’s email.

You see, Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairman Joe Lieberman just issued a letter to President Obama urging him to use the “full extent” of his power to seize control of the Internet.

And according to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, President Obama’s Executive Order is “close to completion.”

That’s why – if you haven’t yet done so – it’s vital you sign Campaign for Liberty’s Internet Freedom Manifesto IMMEDIATELY!

And please take a moment to read John’s email – and be sure to sign our Internet Freedom Manifesto right away.

In Liberty,

Teri C

30 Sep 12 LP

Neil Gaiman's 8 Rules of Writing

Neil Gaiman’s 8 Rules of Writing

Wise words for writing from one of the finer writers of our times.


29 Sep 12 LP

If voting made any differ…

If voting made any difference, it’d be illegal.

– (rocket scientist) Joe Blackburn

Watch the movie Gashole

28 Sep 12 LP

Rothfuss Story Board – Episode 2 – Characters


Guest speakers are: Mary Robinette Kowal (fantasy author, short-story writer, and puppeteer), Amber Benson (fantasy author and blogger), and Brad Beaulieu (fantasy author). The cast discusses Character and all facets of it. What’s a good character? Why do we love them? We can we hate them? etc. Enjoy.

27 Sep 12 LP

Dear Robert Jordan

Dear Robert Jordan

A fan, a reader, and a friend, writes to  a letter to one of the finest contemporary fantasy authors.

25 Sep 12 LP

Disorganized Fun


Sweet track that needs more recognition.

25 Sep 12 LP

Safa Drifting

The bay was like he had never seen that morning, and he thought of calling her in. The sun’s reach was just above the horizon and spanned across the vastness of each variant of blue – light for the cloudless sky, and dark for the endless oceanic abyss below. And upon those waves, Safa, his […]

23 Sep 12 LP

Drive it Like You Stole It


One of the goodies from the Glitch Mob.

20 Sep 12 LP

A community-written fantasy story! I like it!

20 Sep 12 LP


Don’t ask questions. That’s the lesson. It’s not like no one knows this. Everyone knows. But sometimes the question is the only thing that stands between you and betraying yourself. Your own self. “Do you believe?” They asked. “Will you belong?” “I’d live in solitary, then? Alone?” I asked. “We don’t ask questions here,” They […]

19 Sep 12 LP

Geeking Out to Coffee

Coffee – the greatest black substance on Earth. Best with more coffee. I’m relatively new to the beverage and I still don’t know how I functioned without it for so long. Please find me here with my Think Geek sticker on my personal coffee mug.        Without this stuff, I don’t care what kind of […]

17 Sep 12 LP

Force Yourself to Write

Force Yourself to Write

Fantasy author David Farland brings it home, reminding us why we must force ourselves to write.

13 Sep 12 LP

When Hobb is Annoyed

When Hobb is Annoyed

Robin Hobb’s quotation about the premature release of her work

12 Sep 12 LP

Chuck's Writing Rules

Chuck's Writing Rules

Read. Obey, Write

11 Sep 12 LP

I personally like the usage of ‘fuckupery’

10 Sep 12 LP

Enduring the Absence

So, I should be studying right now. Should be. But, I’ve decided to go against that for the time being. Kerrie’s in town and she has been so wonderful as to just be with me while I put in hours reading this BS and working so as to officially make me feel that I’m not […]

09 Sep 12 LP

Enduring the Absence

So, I should be studying right now. Should be. But, I’ve decided to go against that for the time being. Kerrie’s in town and she has been so wonderful as to just be with me while I put in hours reading this BS and working so as to officially make me feel that I’m not […]

09 Sep 12 LP

Keep Going

Keep Going

      I don’t care how old you are, how much you weigh, how out of shape you are, or how much stress and other shit you have on your plate. If you’ve given up, you know it, and you just might be the kind of person that responds with excuses as to why things don’t get done.

       If you’re still on the Earth, have a heart beat, and can move, you still have things to accomplish. Don’t wait, don’t stall, and stop putting it off. Somewhere, somehow, even to the smallest degree, you have a goal. Read this article and realize everyone can be busy with shit to do in life. But it doesn’t mean you give up; you just extemporize.

01 Sep 12 LP

The Gunslinger by Stephen King – a review (spoiler free)

The last time I read a Stephen King novel was probably more than a decade ago, and I didn’t pick up the the first book in The Dark Tower series because I needed to take hold of another Stephen King book. It’s just that when The Dark Tower’s out there calling your name, you can […]

28 Aug 12 LP

What's your name, and wh…

What’s your name, and who’s your daddy? Is he rich? Is he rich like me?

The Zombies

22 Aug 12 LP

Protected: Language Experiences Brought Me Here

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

22 Aug 12 LP

First Famliy Story

So, get this. My brother just sold his first short story! I’m stoked. He just told me about it today. My brother, Jeremy, and I have been writing for a short while and he has been improving by leaps and bounds. A few months ago he wrote a story called Horace and Juju Take to […]

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Protected: airbus

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

16 Aug 12 LP

Patrick Rothfuss – Story Board Episode One


Urban Fantasy – Friend or Foe

12 Aug 12 LP

Red Bull and Gummy Bears

For one, it’s not that bad of a mix. For two, it could be worse. And for three, why do you care what I eat or drink (and don’t answer something like, “You started it. You posted it on your blog.” Whatever. It’s completely fair; I’m at the library and I can have whatever I […]

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So, I've been away.

  Acolyte: You called for me, Master. (After expending much effort to close the uneven oaken door to the chamber, a short thin man in tattered rags speaks. The listener hasn’t a scuff on his fine red cotton manor robe) Master: Yes. There is a matter I wish to discuss with you. You may have […]

08 Aug 12 LP

宇多田ヒカル – First Love


This is Utada Hikaru singing First Love. This is my favorite Japanese Pop artist. She goes well beyond Pop and has been doing it for many years. She’s blended with the Hip Hop community of the US as well, making an album with Timbaland

07 Aug 12 LP

ShutEmDown1 – by Celldweller


This video…I’m not even sure how to describe it. It’s a compilation of all kinds of different scenes. But it’s the music that pulls you in. If you’re not ready for some pretty heavy digital sounds, I would stay away from this. But for two and a half minutes, it’s a pretty swift ride.

06 Aug 12 LP



05 Aug 12 LP

Lord Byron's Response to a Bad Review

Lord Byron’s Response to a Bad Review


The following is from the web site of Mary Robinette Kowal – Fantasy Author and Panel Member of Writing Excuses

Lord Byron’s response to a really bad review.

In the process of researching for Valour and Vanity I ran across this piece of criticsm of Lord Byron’s first book of poetry, Hours of Idleness. He brought it out from a small press when he was nineteen and it comprised poems that he wrote while in school.

It received a scathing and highly sarcastic review from Edinburgh Review. Here’s an excerpt.

Perhaps, however, in reality, all that he tells us about his youth is rather with a view to increase our wonder, than to soften our censures. He possibly means to say, “See how a minor can write!  This poem was actually composed by a young man of eighteen and this by one of only sixteen!” But, alas! we all remember the poetry of Cowley at ten, and of Pope at twelve; and so far from hearing, with any degree of suprise, that very poor verses were written by a youth from his leaving school to his leaving college, inclusive, we really believe this to be the most common of all occurrences; that it happens in the life of nine men in ten who are educated in England and that the tenth man writes better verse than Lord Byron.

Ouch. That last line… I mean, that’s the sort of thing that burns itself into a writer’s head. And mind you, this isn’t just a random reviewer, this is Mr. Francis Jeffries, one of the top literary critics of the day. At another point he says:

Of this kind of thing there are no less than nine pages; and we can so far venture an opinion in their favour, that they look very like Macpherson, and we are positive they are pretty nearly as stupid and as tiresome.

So, he’s accusing Lord Byron of being stupid, tiresome and derivative. Most young writers– heck, a lot of adults, would be completely demoralized if this were their first publication and it got that sort of review. A nineteen year old? Fair chance he’d never write again.

This review prompted Lord Byron to write a satire “English Bards and Scotch Reviewers,” which he published anonymously. It was very well received. He went on to write poems that have landed him in the pantheon of Great English Poets. Hello revenge, thy name is success.

When I look at that first review, I don’t think that one should write satire in response to a bad review, but taking power from it? Yes.

Heck, yes.

05 Aug 12 LP

Lord Byron's Response to a Bad Review

Lord Byron’s Response to a Bad Review


The following is from the web site of Mary Robinette Kowal – Fantasy Author and Panel Member of Writing Excuses

Lord Byron’s response to a really bad review.

In the process of researching for Valour and Vanity I ran across this piece of criticsm of Lord Byron’s first book of poetry, Hours of Idleness. He brought it out from a small press when he was nineteen and it comprised poems that he wrote while in school.

It received a scathing and highly sarcastic review from Edinburgh Review. Here’s an excerpt.

Perhaps, however, in reality, all that he tells us about his youth is rather with a view to increase our wonder, than to soften our censures. He possibly means to say, “See how a minor can write!  This poem was actually composed by a young man of eighteen and this by one of only sixteen!” But, alas! we all remember the poetry of Cowley at ten, and of Pope at twelve; and so far from hearing, with any degree of suprise, that very poor verses were written by a youth from his leaving school to his leaving college, inclusive, we really believe this to be the most common of all occurrences; that it happens in the life of nine men in ten who are educated in England and that the tenth man writes better verse than Lord Byron.

Ouch. That last line… I mean, that’s the sort of thing that burns itself into a writer’s head. And mind you, this isn’t just a random reviewer, this is Mr. Francis Jeffries, one of the top literary critics of the day. At another point he says:

Of this kind of thing there are no less than nine pages; and we can so far venture an opinion in their favour, that they look very like Macpherson, and we are positive they are pretty nearly as stupid and as tiresome.

So, he’s accusing Lord Byron of being stupid, tiresome and derivative. Most young writers– heck, a lot of adults, would be completely demoralized if this were their first publication and it got that sort of review. A nineteen year old? Fair chance he’d never write again.

This review prompted Lord Byron to write a satire “English Bards and Scotch Reviewers,” which he published anonymously. It was very well received. He went on to write poems that have landed him in the pantheon of Great English Poets. Hello revenge, thy name is success.

When I look at that first review, I don’t think that one should write satire in response to a bad review, but taking power from it? Yes.

Heck, yes.

05 Aug 12 LP

Lawrence Pearce has some nice writing up.

05 Aug 12 LP

The Final Period in the Wheel of Time.

The Final Period in the Wheel of Time.

Fantasy author Brandon Sanderson pays homage to legend, Robert Jordan, and sends his thanks to the WOT fandom. He adds closing remarks here in a bittersweet sigh of relief. If you haven’t read these books, and you love fantasy, this series is one of the building blocks of the genre’s zenith.

01 Aug 12 LP

The (writing) Success of Others

Prolific fantasy author Robin Hobb gives a nod to a friend on a successful publication of her recent book. -l.p. — With Great Pleasure . . . Jul. 27th, 2012 | 11:57 am Originally published at Robin Hobb. You can comment here or there. I think one of the greatest pleasures in life is rejoicing […]

29 Jul 12 LP

Tips J.R.R. Tolkien left for the writers who would follow.

28 Jul 12 LP

Dear Sarah ~

Dearest Sarah, Thank you. Honestly, when the ticket price came up on Sunday and it said it was the last one left, I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it work; I just know that I wanted it to work. Bought the ticket and you took care of the rest. Thank you so […]

26 Jul 12 LP

When someone gives you something to read, let’s remember that its in its roughest form. That is to say, don’t worry about the small stuff. We’re looking for contextual continuity. Go team.

25 Jul 12 LP

The Confessions of a Linguist

The Confessions of a Linguist.

24 Jul 12 LP

The Confessions of a Linguist

The Confessions of a Linguist.

24 Jul 12 LP

Rothfuss & Brooks

Rothfuss & Brooks

Two strong fantasy authors, Patrick Rothfuss and Terry Brooks, get together for an interview session. It’s nothing I’ve read, but I’m interested. I thought I’d post it here for those of you out there who would be interested. Happy Writing.


23 Jul 12 LP
23 Jul 12 LP

30 Day Book Challenge, Day 1

30 Day Book Challenge, Day 1. What’s your favorite book?

16 Jul 12 LP
15 Jul 12 LP
15 Jul 12 LP
15 Jul 12 LP

Live Comic-Con Coverage

Live Comic-Con Coverage

Live coverage of Comic-Con in San Diego, which I’m missing and crying about.

14 Jul 12 LP
14 Jul 12 LP

Put this one in a while back. Yay for candy poetry!

13 Jul 12 LP

Nice and Green

Nice and Green

Green Arrow and Green Lantern together with guns in their faces. I feel bad for the other guys. These dudes are just the wrong guys to piss off.

09 Jul 12 LP
03 Jul 12 LP
03 Jul 12 LP

Sanderson's CW Course: Lecture 8 (6/8) Getting a Good Agent


Brandon talks about how to find a good agent.

03 Jul 12 LP

Meeting Your Idol (how to stay professional, but still have fun)

Meeting Your Idol (how to stay professional, but still have fun)

Author Mary Robinette Kowal talks about how to act when you meet an author you really admire. There is a bit of tact involved amid the feelings of giddiness.

03 Jul 12 LP

Your Outline Doesn't Have to Be Perfect

Your Outline Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

The author of Shades of Milk and Honey, Mary Robinette Kowal, gives us insight into the book outline. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The idea is that it’s something the author can follow and use to get from point A to point B.


30 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson's CW Course: Lecture 7 (1/6) A Success Story – I


One of Brandon’s students recounts her glorious path to publication.

30 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson's CW Course: Lecture 7 (2/6) A Success Story – II


She further recounts her path to publication.

30 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson's CW Course: Lecture 7 (3/6) The Three-Act Format


Brandon explains the three act format.

30 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson's CW Course: Lecture 7 (4/6) Try/Fail Cycles


Keep, keep trying, even after you’ve failed type plots:

30 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson's CW Course: Lecture 7 (5/6) The Hero's Journey


How the generic hero plot goes down:

30 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson's CW Course: Lecture 7 (6/6) Brandon's Plotting Method


Brandon’s own personal plotting method:

30 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson's CW Course: Lecture 7 (6/6) Brandon's Plotting Method


Brandon’s own personal plotting method:

30 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson's CW Course: Lecture 6 (1/6) Networking at Conventions


The most direct route to meeting editors and agents: SF/F conventions.

30 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson's CW Course: Lecture 6 (2/6) Alternatives to Cons


You don’t necessarily need to go to conventions to get on the radars of editors and agents.

30 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson's CW Course: Lecture 6 (3/6) Meeting Editors and Agents


How to meet editors and agents while at cons:

30 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson's CW Course: Lecture 6 (4/6) – Three Goals When Meeting Agents


The three primary goals when meeting agents

30 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson's CW Lecture: 5/6 – Pitches


How to give a good pitch.

30 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson's CW Lecture: 6/6 – Stats of Being a Writer


Miscellaneous items on the business of being a writer

30 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson CW Lecture 5: Short Stories


This week, we had a guest lecture from a master of short stories Eric James Stone, winner of the prestigious 2011 Nebula Award. Complete video below:

30 Jun 12 LP

Book Review: The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins

**NO SPOILERS (besides the plot summary)     Okay, I may be a tad dilatory in getting to this, but I did it. Why did I read the first book of this top-shelf young adult action trilogy? Because A, I wanted to see what all the tweenie-boppin’ masses were whining about, and B, because I was […]

27 Jun 12 LP

TM on Writing Sex Scenes

TM on Writing Sex Scenes

Chuck Wendig gives us a nice little summary to help us write better sex scenes.

26 Jun 12 LP

TM on Writing Sex Scenes

TM on Writing Sex Scenes

Chuck Wendig gives us a nice little summary to help us write better sex scenes.

26 Jun 12 LP

George R.R. Martin – We, your fans, are growing indignant.


A beautiful message to Mr. Martin. Please George, before you keel over, write and write faster.

25 Jun 12 LP

Meeting Ernest Cline

Last night I made the hour-long drive up to Seattle to meet a true inspiration of mine. When I first came in contact with Ernest Cline’s work, it was sort of out of happenstance. At that time I had been listening to a weekly podcast called Writing Excuses and had become a fervent fan. The […]

21 Jun 12 LP
13 Jun 12 LP

E3 2012 Review Part 1 – Grading The Press Conferences

E3 2012 Review Part 1 – Grading The Press Conferences.

10 Jun 12 LP

Ending with a Preposition? Think again….

Ending with a Preposition? Think again….dumb ass.

A Logogogue’s Blog for Language Lovers

Is a Preposition All Right to End a Sentence With?

November 29, 2011

Tags: Theodore Bernstein, The Careful Writer, H. W. Fowler, Modern English Usage

Remember the old rule: “A good writer never ends a sentence with a preposition”? Well, it’s too bad it was ever taught, because it is wrong, wrong, wrong. If you think I don’t know what I’m talking about, then I dare you to say, “You don’t know about what you’re talking.”

“For years Miss Thistlebottom has been teaching her bright-eyed brats that no writer should end a sentence with a preposition,” says Theodore M. Bernstein in The Careful Writer (1965), one of the most sensible usage guides ever written and one that anyone who puts pen to paper or fingers to keyboard should keep handy.

Sentences that end with prepositions, Bernstein argues, “are idiomatic and have been constructed that way from Shakespeare’s ‘We are such stuff as dreams are made on’ to today’s ‘Music to read by.’ They are a natural manner of expression. Examine a handful: ‘It’s nothing to sneeze at’; ‘Something to guard against’; ‘You don’t know what I’ve been through’; ‘He is a man who can be counted on’; ‘I’m not sure what the cake was made of.’ Surely there is nothing wrong with these idiomatic constructions.” Those who try to “correct” such idiomatic constructions, says Bernstein, “won’t have a leg on which to stand.”

As far back as 1926, in Modern English Usage, the legendary English grammarian H. W. Fowler called the rule proscribing terminal prepositions “a cherished superstition” and charged that “those who lay down the universal principle that final prepositions are ‘inelegant’ are unconsciously trying to deprive the English language of a valuable idiomatic resource, which has been used freely by all our greatest writers except those whose instinct for English idiom has been overpowered by notions of correctness derived from Latin standards.

“The legitimacy of the prepositional ending in literary English must be uncompromisingly maintained,” says Fowler. “Every example must be judged not by any arbitrary rule, but on its own merits, according to the impression it makes on the feeling of educated English readers.”

Chaucer, Spenser, Shakespeare, Milton, Swift, Burke, Defoe, De Quincey, John Stuart Mill, Samuel Pepys, William Makepeace Thackeray, and Rudyard Kipling (just to name a few) all wrote intelligible, graceful sentences that ended with a preposition. To say those fellows were wrong is like saying that everyone in the Baseball Hall of Fame didn’t know a thing about how to play the game.

So twist your syntax into knots if you like, but please don’t tell the rest of us what to end our sentences with.

09 Jun 12 LP

Lecture 4 (1/6): Sympathetic Characters Part I


Main Points:

You generally want all your characters to be “sympathetic,” including your villains.
Problems make a character sympathetic. IE Everyone loves an underdog
Relatability (IE everyman qualities) makes a character sympathetic because we see ourselves in them.
Expertness (IE superman qualities) makes a character sympathetic because we aspire to be like them.
Niceness makes characters sympathetic. But remember, even though villains are not nice people (typically), they can still be sympathetic if they have other things going for them.
Note: The Hero’s journey can be thought of as the journey from the everyman to the superman.
Note: Remember that a “super power” needn’t be “super” in the comic book sense. IE in Oscar Wilde plays the characters are super humanly skilled socially, in LotR Samwise is super humanly loyal.
Note: Characters must typically be more consistent in novels than people are in real life. If you do something out of character, you must foreshadow it somehow.

09 Jun 12 LP

Lecture 4 (2/6): Sympathetic Characters Part II


Main Points:

Being liked and looked up to by other people makes characters more sympathetic. IE Sherlock Holmes is a pretty nutty and sociopathic guy but we forgive him because him and Watson are such good friends.
Quirky features increases character sympathy.
Proactivity! This will vastly increase sympathy. When characters don’t just passively respond to the events but are rather willing to pass through the depths of hell to accomplish their goals, we like them more. IE The opening scene of Indiana Jones 1. This can be easy to forget so watch it.
Depth of character and backstory increases sympathy. (more on this in the next sections)
When you write characters who have jerk-like qualities, make sure you give them redeeming traits to increase sympathy. Flynn Ryder in Disney’s Tangled starts out as a jerk but we still like him because of his activity and thieving expertness as he progresses from jerk to nice guy.

09 Jun 12 LP

Lecture 4 (3/6): Show Us the Character


Main Points:

Remember, SHOW, don’t TELL, especially when describing your characters. This is a principle even the most skilled writers constantly need to keep in mind.
Example of telling: “Bruce hated puppies.”
Example of showing: “Bruce kicked the puppy” or “Bruce scowled at the sound of dog’s barking.”
Dialogue is inherently more “show” than “tell” because it’s happening in scene rather than in someone’s thoughts. But beware the “maid and butler” syndrome where characters discuss things they already know.
Remember the pyramid of abstraction: concrete details will keep you reader in the world of the story while abstract ones will push them out of it.

09 Jun 12 LP

Lecture 4 (3/6): Show Us the Character


Main Points:

Remember, SHOW, don’t TELL, especially when describing your characters. This is a principle even the most skilled writers constantly need to keep in mind.
Example of telling: “Bruce hated puppies.”
Example of showing: “Bruce kicked the puppy” or “Bruce scowled at the sound of dog’s barking.”
Dialogue is inherently more “show” than “tell” because it’s happening in scene rather than in someone’s thoughts. But beware the “maid and butler” syndrome where characters discuss things they already know.
Remember the pyramid of abstraction: concrete details will keep you reader in the world of the story while abstract ones will push them out of it.

09 Jun 12 LP

Lecture 4 (4/6): Giving Characters a Life Beyond the Plot


Main Points:

Giving depth to your characters is one of the most important ways of increasing character sympathy.
Make your characters care about things other than the plot. Remember that your character’s life doesn’t begin when the book begins.
If everything your character thinks about and does is focused around the plot then your character will feel fake to your readers.
Beware this mistake when it comes to creating love interests for your main character. Rather than being a person, the love interest simply becomes a role in the plot with little true personality. IE Edward from Twilight or Ramona from “Scott Pilgrim vs the World”
Ask yourself of your characters, “What do they want most in life? Particularly if the plot had never happened to them?”
Give your characters random interests, and a couple of big hopes and dreams that extend beyond the life of the plot.
Some of people’s favorite sections of books revolve around the characters focusing on their passions outside the main plot. IE A scene in the WoT where Perrin simply makes door latches, or an episode in Star Trek where Picard is stuck inside an alien probe where he lives an entire life, has a family, learns to play the flute, and so on.
Note: Your job as a novelist is to learn how to work like a stage magician and make coincidences seem plausible.
Note: There are many different types of relation centered plot dynamics besides a romance: Wise mentor and his student, best friends who start out hating each other, the irritable dragon and his tamer, etc.

09 Jun 12 LP

Lecture 4 (5/6): Character Creation Example Part I


Main Points:

Goal of the exercise: create an interesting multidimensional character
Strategy 1: Give them interests outside the plot
Strategy 2: Give them unanticipated and/or contradictory qualities. IE square peg in a round hole quality. (This makes it more interesting)
Questions to ask:
Age and Gender?
What are they passionate about?
What do they do for a living? (may be the same as their passion)
What’s a second thing they’re interested in? (it doesn’t need to be weird but can be something simple and relatable like being required to take care of 5 siblings)
What setting/time period?
What is the secret from their past that they don’t want other people to know about?
Note: If one attribute is weird you want to pull back on the weirdness of the other attributes
Note: No character exists outside of a situational context. Everything interacts: the character’s interests, the time period, the people surrounding them, the plot. Remember that good plots are developed through interesting interactions between the plot, character, and setting.
Note: Twenty something year old women don’t need to be focused on romance like we sometimes unconsciously assume.

09 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson – Lecture 4 (6/6): Character Creation Example Part II


Main Points:

More questions to ask:
What is the character’s personality? (For example, you can use the color test)
What are their political leanings?
What’s this characters plot hook? What changes and shakes up their life completely.
Homework Assignment Part 1: Create your own set characters using this same process
Homework Assignment Part 2: Make each of your characters walk through the same scene and notice different things. Ideally, by the end of the scene your reader will know the main aspects of the characters personality simply by virtue of the details they notice (thus avoiding info dumps!).
Note: Bechdel Test – Is there more than one strong woman in this book and do these women talk to each other about things other than men?
Note: It can be easy to over react to political correctness. IE making woman or minority characters super awesome and essentially infallible.
Note: A list of random interests with no connection to the plot quickly becomes easily forgotten.
Note: Once you’ve created the basic groundwork for your character, begin looking for interesting sources of conflict.
Note: Look to fill gaps in your character that will make them less interesting. For example, it’s hard for a 6 year old to be proactive due to his age so be sure to include some personality trait that will help him be more proactive.

09 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson – Lecture 4 (6/6): Character Creation Example Part II


Main Points:

More questions to ask:
What is the character’s personality? (For example, you can use the color test)
What are their political leanings?
What’s this characters plot hook? What changes and shakes up their life completely.
Homework Assignment Part 1: Create your own set characters using this same process
Homework Assignment Part 2: Make each of your characters walk through the same scene and notice different things. Ideally, by the end of the scene your reader will know the main aspects of the characters personality simply by virtue of the details they notice (thus avoiding info dumps!).
Note: Bechdel Test – Is there more than one strong woman in this book and do these women talk to each other about things other than men?
Note: It can be easy to over react to political correctness. IE making woman or minority characters super awesome and essentially infallible.
Note: A list of random interests with no connection to the plot quickly becomes easily forgotten.
Note: Once you’ve created the basic groundwork for your character, begin looking for interesting sources of conflict.
Note: Look to fill gaps in your character that will make them less interesting. For example, it’s hard for a 6 year old to be proactive due to his age so be sure to include some personality trait that will help him be more proactive.

09 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson CW Course: Lecture 3 (5/5) Description Part II


Main Points (who else but by courtesy of Tanya B?)

The Pyramid of Abstraction: with a foundation of concrete language, you can add things more abstract and still hold the reader in the scene.
Concreteness and brevity fight each other. Adding concreteness usually adds words.
Your goal is to come up with a few words of description that sets tone, says something about how the character sees it, is concrete and maybe even explains the setting.
Precision moves abstract words towards concreteness.

09 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson CW Course: Lecture 3 (4/5) Description Part I


Main Points (courtesy Tanya B)

Description is easy to overdo – avoid it, especially adjectives
Make the descriptions shorter, more concrete and focused to do more than one thing.
Remember: we have five senses. Use more than just sight.
Shorter descriptions have more impact and more impact holds the reader to the story.
Every book has a learning curve. Short, concrete descriptions and shifting the world-building later can lower the learning curve.
Dole out information only as it becomes necessary. Shorten and chop up large descriptions, and distribute it throughout as a couple of lines here and there instead of one big block of text.

Book Examples:

Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson – Very steep learning curve

09 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson CW Course: Lecture 3 (3/5) Third-Person Viewpoint


Main Points (Effusive praise be given to Tanya B)

Third Person Limited is in one person’s head in a given scene and you do not show things that the character can not see.
Be careful of viewpoint errors – you will knock the reader out of the narrative.
You can do a large cast because the reader is constantly reminded of the character’s viewpoint and name.
Third limited is better for setting a scene in an immediate nature without the “me, me, me” of the first person viewpoint.
It can give an epic scope.
It is best at hiding things because you can just not show a viewpoint that knows.
You can do “throw-away viewpoints”: one scene from a random character’s viewpoint.
You can show discord between what a character says, what he thinks and what the narrative says.
Third is more immersive into a setting of a story, while first is better for showing a great character.
Picking between the first and third viewpoints is fundamental to your book.
Description should be filtered through the viewpoint lens of the character’s eyes.

09 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson CW Course: Lecture 3 (2/5) – First Person Viewpoints


Main Points (Once again, Tanya B = Rocks)

First person is seen a lot in children’s fiction because there is often only one viewpoint, the reader can get to know the character and build an attachment quickly, it is simpler, and gives away that the character lives.
It lets you have an untrustworthy narrator.
First person lets you cheat on info dumps because you can make it interesting with the character’s voice.
Style tools for first person are epistolary and character reflecting.
Limitations of first person: Multiple viewpoint characters make it tougher for the reader to distinguish who is who, the untrustworthy narrator puts doubt into the truthfulness, the personality of the character dominates, it is hard to be epic, and it gives away that the character lives.
When you choose between first and third viewpoints, it’s not about the disadvantages you’re avoiding, but the advantages you’re choosing.

Book Examples:

Dracula by Bram Stoker – First person epistolary
Sorcery and Cecilia by Patricia C Wrede and Caroline Stevermer – First person epistolary
Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb – First person reflecting on young self
Wikihistory by Desmond Warzel – Modern epistolary told in forum posts
Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss – Third person framing around a first person narrative
A Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N. K. Jemisin – Interesting use of first person narrator

09 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson's CW Course: Lecture 3: Intro to Prose 1/5


Main Points (thanks to Tanya B!)

The basic viewpoints are “first person”, “third person limited” and “third person omniscient.”
Past and present tenses are pretty interchangeable. The only time the reader will notice is if you switch between them or if the reader is used to one and starts a book in the other. The default in most genres is past tense.
Omniscient changes viewpoint within a scene, usually paragraph by paragraph. Unless you have a good reason, default away from third person omniscient.
Body hopper omniscient shows everybody’s thoughts and feelings. It builds a reader expectation that they will see from everyone’s perspective so it is difficult to hide information from the reader without breaking the illusion of the story. It gets very complicated very quickly.
Hidden narrator omniscient feels like someone is sitting down and telling you a story. It takes a few steps back from the characters, showing fewer thoughts and feelings. This creates distance from the reader so it can be harder to engage the reader in the beginning.

Book examples:

Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon – Switching between past and present effectively
Dune by Frank Herbert – Body Hopper Omniscient
The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien – Hidden Narrator Omniscient

09 Jun 12 LP

Thoughts on Linguistic Purity

Life lessons – They only work if you understand them, grasp them, pick up on them. If you don’t get it, life smacks you in the face with it again. And again, until you do. I wrote the following last night. L.P. ———- So, Kerrie and I were at Barnes & Noble tonight, reading. We […]

08 Jun 12 LP
06 Jun 12 LP

Ray Bradbury – You Will Be Missed.

Letters of Note: All of my friends were on the shelves above.

06 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson's 2012 CW Course: Lecture Two 5/5 – Adult Genres


Main Points

In adult fantasy the main subcategories are “epic”, “heroic,” and “urban”. “Epic” is well, epic and large scale. “Heroic” has dudes with swords. For “Urban” think chicks in leather kicking demon butt.
In adult sci-fi the main categories are “military,” “space opera,” and “hard SF,” and “dystopian”. For “military” think space marines. For “space opera” think Star Wars, and for “Hard SF” think Isaac Asimov. “Dystopian” is futuristic societies where things have gone horribly wrong.

05 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson's CW Course 2012: Lecture Two 4/5 – YA Genres


Main Points

YA genres are simply called “children’s novels” in publishing lingo. “Children’s” includes anything written for people younger than 18.
Middle grade fiction is shorter and more whimsical, and written primarily for children of elementary age.
Young adult fiction is written for teenagers, and is more angsty and relationship driven.

05 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson's CW Course: Lecture 2 3/5 – Plots by Discovery


Main Points

There’s no uniformity in these methods.
Oftentimes, these stories have fewer moving parts which mitigates the need for large outlines.
Brainstorm random ideas that you like, get ideas from dreams, etc. See if you can combine the ideas somehow. It’s the writing equivalent of improv acting.
Just experiment a lot. Write cool scenes, cool characters, etc. and just see where they take you. Let a compelling story flow out.
There probably will be a lot of rewriting and “wasted” pages that you don’t end up using, but that’s okay because it’s what you had to do to generate the story.

05 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson's CW Course: Lecture 2 2/5 Plots by Outlining


Main points

Keep track of cool ideas or visuals you encounter having to do with plot, character, or setting.
When you have enough of these cool ideas, synthesize and combine them into a complete story. Connect all the pieces together.
Write a book guide listing the elements of your plot, character, and setting.
Where you see holes in your story or setting, generate new ideas to fill them.
Create a list of various subplots and capital P plots in your book. Figure out where you eventually want the plot to go and work backwards: “What needs to happen for this to occur?”
Once it’s all mapped out, write your novel straight through not stopping to edit or revise. If you decide you need to change something mid stream, write a note to yourself and then simply keep going forward as if you had already revised. You can come back during the revision process and make the necessary changes.

05 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson's CW Course: Lecture 2 1/5 What Makes a Good Plot


Main Points

A good story is about interesting interactions between 1) Plot 2) Character and 3) Setting.
Conflict is the lifeblood of those interactions.
Figure out ways to put your character in conflict with your setting, your plot in conflict with the aspirations of your character, your plot in conflict with your setting, etc.
Plunge your character into the center of that conflict. Make them active participants.
A great way to produce good stories is to look at books you really, really loved and boil them down to their essence that most hooked you.

05 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson's CW Course: Lecture One 5/5 Writing Group Essentials


Main Points

When critiquing other’s writing, NEVER just say “it was good”. Mention the specific details that you liked or didn’t like.
NEVER give “should” comments. Let them know what bored you and what engaged you but don’t try to turn someone else’s book into your own.
ONLY critique with big conceptual issues such as strengths/weaknesses of the plot, the characters, pacing, etc. Don’t correct small editorial details.
NEVER defend yourself. You CANNOT say a word while your book is getting critiqued. Your writing group exists primarily to be a test audience for your novel and you’re simply there to gauge their reaction.
Write down the feedback you receive from your writing group and during your revision process decide what you will keep or throw away (Brandon throws away about half of his writing group’s suggestions)

04 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson CW Course: Lecture One 4/5 Gardeners V. Architects


Main points:

There are two main types of writers: “discovery writers” and “outliners”.
Discovery writers are kind of like Gardeners, growing their story from some seed of an idea and not quite knowing where it will take them.
Outliners can be thought of as architects, mapping their story out from start to finish before they ever write a single word of prose.
Gardeners should watch out for “and then I guess it ends” type of endings.
Architects should watch out for “world builder’s disease”.

04 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson's CW Course – 2012 Lecture One 3/5


Main Points:

If you want to treat this like a honest-to-gosh college level writing class do the following:
a. Write a 50,000 word novel over a 4 month period, about 12,500 words a month. They don’t need to be good but they do need to be written.
b. Establish a writing group (of around 5 people) and submit and critique a thousand words of new writing from each of you every week.
c. Get an expert (aka Brandon or someone you trust) to critique 2000 words of your most polished prose, preferably your novel’s introduction.

04 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson's Creative Writing Class 2012: Lecture One 2/5


Sanderson’s Creative Writing Class 2012: Lecture One
2/5 – Ideas are Cheap

04 Jun 12 LP

Sanderson's Creative Writing Class 2012 – Lecture One 1/5


Lecture One – 1/5

04 Jun 12 LP

Sam Sykes's Advice on Writing

Sam Sykes’s Advice on Writing

Young author shares some advice on writing.

04 Jun 12 LP

Low Balls: Grant Dempsey Uncut

Grant Dempsey’s Balls Hang Low. He said so himself. Originally I was going to title this post ‘Grant’ Dempsey’s Balls Hang Low,’ but I’m not sure people would be open to clicking on the audio clip. I figured this title would bring about something a bit more…I don’t know, Dempsey. Sometime in late 2011 Kari […]

03 Jun 12 LP
30 May 12 LP

An enjoyable survey.

29 May 12 LP

The Miller Commandmants

The Miller Commandmants

This is great wisdom from Henry Miller – one of the literary greats.

22 May 12 LP

A great post about the trash the country feeds its citizens.

22 May 12 LP

Dear Grandma, Smoke It If You Got It.

I hear about a lot of elderly people being headstrong. I don’t think it’s something that comes with the territory or slowly seeps into their heads; I just think that at around 90, people stop giving a shit. I mean, they’re going to do what they’re going to do and to hell with what the […]

21 May 12 LP

Nobody but yourself

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else – means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.” – e.e. cummings (1894-1962)

18 May 12 LP
14 May 12 LP

Thoughts on the Short Story

When was the last time you read a short story? I’m not talking about an article out of a gossip magazine or something your six-year old scribbled down in class with his boogers. I don’t care if it’s cute or related to you; six-year-olds can’t write. None of them. Focus. I’m talking about a real […]

08 May 12 LP

Brandon Sanderson's 2012 Online Creative Writing Course

Brandon Sanderson’s 2012 Online Creative Writing Course

Here’s a link to all of Brandon Sanderson’s lectures from his 2012 Creative Writing course. It’s a brilliant idea and anyone interested in writing (especially those interested in writing Sci/Fi or Fantasy) would do well to listen to. I watch these and just want to be in the damn class, but I’m thankful that I can learn from a distance. My appreciation to those who put this together.

– L.P.

25 Apr 12 LP

A great poem for my Wednesday morning.

25 Apr 12 LP

An Allan Preface

The following I found in the Complete Tales & Poems of Edgar Allan Poe. This is his preface to the section of his poetry. What a magical command of English the man had. He is an element of inspiration for me. – L.P. ___ PREFACE TO THE POEMS These trifles are collected and republished chiefly […]

25 Apr 12 LP

Everest and a Stepladder

Everest and a Stepladder

Sam Sykes is a fantasy author who, at 25, slammed his mighty pen upon magical paper and cleared a space in the genre for his Aeons’ Gate Trilogy.

     I follow his blog and I found this post particularly worthwhile to writers everywhere, and it wasn’t just because of the Everest simile…though that was the sealer for me.

Keep writing.


24 Apr 12 LP

Affirming Faith in the Face of Doubt

This from one of my Spiritual Teachers, Wayne Dyer. — Faith Affirming 4/8/12 at 11:15 am |  by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Faith is the complete reliance on the power and goodness of Spirit and the firm belief that you are always connected to this goodness. Always affirm your faith and not your doubt. When […]

20 Apr 12 LP

Tracy Hickman on Why We Write

Tracy Hickman on Why We Write

This is a fantastic personal story on what it means to write. This is told by one of the fantasy genre’s most notable authors, Tracy Hickman, and it’s one that I found moving. It’s short, but sweet.

20 Apr 12 LP

Tracy Hickman on Why We Write

Tracy Hickman on Why We Write

This is a fantastic personal story on what it means to write. This is told by one of the fantasy genre’s most notable authors, Tracy Hickman, and it’s one that I found moving. It’s short, but sweet.

20 Apr 12 LP

About Writing, some have said…

I came across a few quotations about writing that my mother sent me, and I thought they were more or less worth sharing. The sources of most of these are unknown (at least from the sheet I’m looking at), but they are sure to delight. Enjoy: 1. We learn writing by doing it. 2. Listen […]

16 Apr 12 LP

Kurt Vonnegut and the Story Graph


Author Kurt Vonnegut shows us the shapes of stories

10 Apr 12 LP

Do You Read Autographed Books? A Bibliophilic Poll

Here’s a question, and you can leave your responses in the comment quadrant below.     You own a book that has been signed by the author. Do you allow yourself to read it or do you keep it on a shelf somewhere not to be touched by human hands? Why do I ask? Well, I […]

06 Apr 12 LP

Chuck Wendig's Inkslinger's Invocation


06 Apr 12 LP

Delilah S. Dawson on her book, Wicked as They Come

Delilah S. Dawson on her book, Wicked as They Come

Chuck Wendig grabs a hold of paranormal romance author Delilah Dawson for an interview. A great interview with some funny commentary.

05 Apr 12 LP

How To Be a Full-Time Writer

How To Be a Full-Time Writer

Chuck Wendig, a freelance author, has a great take on this. Enjoy.

03 Apr 12 LP


**Hey Hey – look over here! No, I’m not writing about boobs (although I wouldn’t mind because they’re amazing..I mean…<NO NO! Snap out of it! Back to topic>>, so if you choose to look away, I understand. The following is simply how flustered I get with all of the distractions there are in the world. […]

01 Apr 12 LP

Five-Minute Speedy Blog Post

It’s currently 8:55. I have exactly five minutes to just type out as much as I can before I begin writing for the day. Yes, it’s sort of a ‘pre-writing’ writing, but I figured since I haven’t really thrown anything out there on the blog in some time, I would at least try and get […]

28 Mar 12 LP

A wonderful article about “Finishing What You’ve Begun” by author Hiromi Goto.

23 Mar 12 LP

A Quiet Place to Sit

About a week ago my wife and I went to a nearby coffee shop to sit and read. We got coffee, of course, but our central objective was to relax (maybe sink into a couple of nice comfy lounge chairs, the ones right by the fireplace in the corner, kick off our shoes and rest […]

16 Mar 12 LP

How Donna Miscolta Became a Writer

How Donna Miscolta Became a Writer.

12 Mar 12 LP

A wonderful take on the wordless wink.

02 Mar 12 LP

Powell's City of Books

One of the finest “Tweets” I’ve ever seen was the one I saw today by Sarah Pinborough. “The writers’ diary. ‘Wrote 1500 hundred words today, watched Youporn then made some notes on new pitch.’ Repeat 7 times.” Of course you did! Doesn’t everyone? People write on every topic these days, don’t they? You go into […]

28 Feb 12 LP


在我看來,每一個人的生活裡都會有碰到問題(或者是障礙)的日子。可是因為很多人不曉得怎麼把肩膀扛著的那些問題拋開所以他們偶爾會過很久操著心。 從海軍身份專道普通人是我和妻子Kerrie幾個月前一起做的決定。當然對許多人來說這並非容易的一件事。可當時的我們因為自己認為沒甚麼後路可退所以一下子就拿起勇敢說了算。 一個禮拜已經過了。還有許多人三番兩次地問,“那,你現在做甚麼呢?你要做甚麼?上學嗎?上班嗎?做甚麼呀?” 哎唷!好了好了!人沒死,眼淚都傾盆大雨了。太吵啦!你們放鬆點,好不好?這一對夫婦千萬不會落到地。說老實話,我們把這次專業視為生活裡新的一個窗口。毫無限制。百折不撓。上班上學的計畫都包括在內。履歷已準備好了,而且因沒有官僚主義的繁瑣手續所以我的這一生象個剛從傢具商店買來的新枕頭一樣柔軟。 雖然我們倆都暫時住著美國西岸可也不意味著國外的機會不存在。再說我們將來的視力不外乎國際工作機遇。操心者不用操心,抱怨者不必抱怨。我們倆之事,您放心,全都由我們來辦吧。

20 Feb 12 LP
17 Feb 12 LP

As I Step Away

    Moving, the act itself is a humbling one. No one likes it. It is the physical repositioning of all those things that bog us down, a representation in the physical form of yet another transition in our lives. It’s not just the things that we move, but all that goes along with it. It’s […]

12 Feb 12 LP

Grilled PB & J (NC-17)

It’s straight Food Porn, and the beauty of the image is mind-blowing, actually. Yes, you heard me right – a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I know, the mere thought of this word amalgam is like someone passionately humping your brain. But check this out; you can’t just say, “Okay, I got this,” and […]

09 Feb 12 LP

Doing Away with Video Game Violence

In the past week, I’ve heard people talk about how they like First-Person Shooters while, days later, grieve the loss of a friend upon hearing of their passing. I’m not quite sure what to do with that. Do we promote death or do we disdain it? What is it about the taking of another’s life […]

22 Jan 12 LP

How Andrew Porter Became a Writer

How Andrew Porter Became a Writer. A nice little piece on writing inspiration.

09 Jan 12 LP

New Year's in Tokyo – A 4-Day Buzz

When considering a venue to bring in the New Year, Tokyo should certainly be amid your list’s top selections. The locals are among the friendliest citizens of the world I’ve ever met, and your TO-DO list will be the last to run out. My friend and I all travelled to the Asian megalopolis on the […]

04 Jan 12 LP

cOFfeE FReaK

There’s nothing logical I can provide to account for it, really. Doubtless, it would be easier to blame the farmers who cull bean after tasty bean alongside Juan Valdéz out in the fields of Colombia, but I know it wouldn’t supply ample validation for my enjoyment of coffee. Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Dunkin’ Doughnuts (I know […]

17 Dec 11 LP


After finishing the final film of the Harry Potter series, my friend officially decreed that I had attained status as a true “Potterhead.” So, that’s what I am now, eh? After all those people I had judged in high-school – the ones who showed up late to class with dark sunglasses on while it was […]

05 Dec 11 LP



15 Nov 11 LP

Aeon Flux

When you saw the two words above, did you instantly think, “Oh yeah! I remember that show from way-back-when!”? Charlize Theron also did a movie on the character a few years back, which I enjoyed. Well, if you’ve read thus far and still have no idea what I’m talking about, read on and I’ll try […]

22 Oct 11 LP

Izakaya Eve

We all gathered around Fielding’s house somewhere near the suggested time of six thirty. Some of us showed up early, others later. Mason broke into an amusing introductory story about how he was first introduced to tequila while some straggling members of the party brought up the last of the group. The safety plan of […]

16 Oct 11 LP

50,000 words – 30 days – Damn.

For someone whose sole experience with the written word is a high school essay, the proposition of 50,000 words in 30 days is beyond daunting – it’s downright dreadful. It’s something akin to telling someone they have to fill a five-gallon jug with urine in an afternoon, when they’re used to filling half a cup […]

08 Oct 11 LP

Post a Week

By now you’ve noticed that I haven’t been posting every nychthemeron, not even weekly (okay, okay. You would say ‘hebdomadally’ to make it sound really cool), but I did recently come across this little gem – a WordPress challenge to post once a week! I’m in! Yes, once a week, you will be getting all […]

01 Oct 11 LP

Books with Batteries

Readers – This one’s for you. Kindles, Nooks, online books, reading on iPods and Pads and such, what do you make of it all? There’s a Podcast I listen to with a certain degree of regularity; it’s called Writing Excuses. It discusses, as you can probably surmise, writing, and all of the ins and outs […]

28 Sep 11 LP

Writing on Acid

       It’s true. I’m plugged into Lords of Acid as I write this. Yes, it would be much better if I were tripping on acid while listening to Lords of Acid, but hey, you get what you can. Speaking of writing…      I met with a group of friends last night and […]

26 Sep 11 LP

The meaning of a birthday

Thank you. To my parents – Thank you. You always gave everything you could to me. You sacrificed for me all the times when you could have given to yourselves. You made sure I was at the top of your list, making sure I was taken care of (fed, clothed, educated etc). To my friends […]

03 Sep 11 LP

Jason Mraz – We're Through

Dear Jason – I’ve held it long enough and I can hold no longer. I’ve officially snapped. If I hear that song one more time, I will combust, either spontaneously or otherwise. I can’t do it. Jason, I don’t get it. I’ve never gotten it, and I will never get it. Right from the get-go […]

16 Aug 11 LP

Red Note (レッドノットジャズバー)

Last night my wife and I went out to a jazz bar with some friends.  The place was called Red Note and, though I’d heard of it several times, I’d never been. Parking can be tricky in this town, so most people (unless they know someone who knows someone who knows someone) cut the lights and lock […]

30 Jul 11 LP

Back into the Groove

 Jesus, has it been that long?  Was the last blog I entered here written three months ago?  Wow, it’s not all that often that I use Latin (I’ll give you two guesses why, and two guesses is a lot), but tempus fugit. Let’s see, what has been happening in my life in the last three […]

28 Jul 11 LP

When the lights go out.

I love finding out about something that I like that I never knew that I liked before. That first sentence may have been a wee bit confusing, but it’s cool because I’m going to illustrate exactly what I mean. Do continue reading. So, we had this earthquake. As you know from the news, friends, rumors, […]

18 Mar 11 LP

Another Book Down

  Another book down. I once read somewhere that President George Bush (whatever the younger one was. Is it G. W., G.H.W. or just G.?) had stated that he had read something like 95 books in one year. I did the math; that’s around eight books a month. There was something in the same article […]

12 Feb 11 LP

Plastic Knife – Stop the madness.

  The plastic knife – the most worthless invention ever. Every time I see one, I think of the Backstreet Boys and demand that someone tell me why. No doubt we’ve all tried to use them. Whether it was the fruitless endeavor at the dry steak at the summer barbeque or smashing the soft birthday […]

25 Jan 11 LP

My First NaNo

I know that it’s been a few weeks, but since I finished, I basically just needed a place to post these fricken NANOWRIMO banners that you see all over this page. It’s not that I needed anything for the completion, really. I’m just happy to have completed. For those of you that aren’t sure what […]

19 Dec 10 LP

The Fandom of Auburn – Another Level

  Growing up in New Mexico doesn’t really help foster any kind of pride for one’s hometown, family traditions or  blood-thick relationships among friends.  Yet, when I woke up this morning at 4:15 a.m. to watch a football game with an Auburn fan, I found a place that does.  To say that I wasn’t ready […]

27 Nov 10 LP

Thanksgiving – 2010

      It’s almost two o’clock in the morning where I am in the world and the last thing I put in my stomach was a spoonful of a delicious sugared cranberry dish that a friend brought to our Thanksgiving celebration.  I’m stuffed, but very thankful.  I’m thankful that tonight I was able to […]

26 Nov 10 LP

Finding Friends

  I’m not sure how true this is for everyone else out there, but for me I made my closest friends in high school. It was simple for me. I mean, I went to a small school, started off with a tight group of friends that became family, and that was that. I thought that […]

07 Nov 10 LP


I know that the movie has been out for quite some time (out long enough to go to DVD), but I just didn’t watch it while it was on the big screen. I just watched it this evening and I must say that I enjoyed it. No, I didn’t give it a ’10’ or run […]

02 Nov 10 LP

Energy in All Things

Recently I read a book that changed my life. I will say now that I have labeled this book as the greatest non-fiction book that I have read. When you’re reading fiction, you’re looking to be inspired in different ways and attain a different understanding than you are when you read non-fiction. That’s one way […]

02 Nov 10 LP

Slowing Down

At just after six o’clock, a blue Subaru pulled up and parked along the curb in front of a quaint house with a light on in the living room . Barbara was tired. The tedium of the day consisted of the usual: meetings with broken records, stacks of paperwork that no one was ever going […]

02 Nov 10 LP

verbal flow

No, my passion for language hasn’t diminished so much as it’s sort of taken on a different vibe. When I was growing up I remember how listening to my dad Spanish mesmerized me. It was like he was performing magic right in front of me – some sort of verbal thaumaturge that made my world […]

02 Nov 10 LP

Protected: Lou's Camera

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

02 Nov 10 LP

Protected: The Writer

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

02 Nov 10 LP

The Signature

Jake hung up the phone and smiled.  “Another party for me,” he thought to himself.  He brought himself back to the business he was conducting before making the call to Corporate – another issue of loopholes.  It was always so funny – this world, the way he knew it, was full of so many rules.  […]

02 Nov 10 LP


我記得很清楚。2005秊二月算是我腦海裡含有的中文資料最多的時候吧。本人童年的願望,夢想與興趣一向都是跟語言有密切關係。說老實話,對於這一點啊,我也必須得通過不少經驗也下了不少功夫才能夠體會到我自己的感覺。 對於學習外語要看學者的興趣,可當時我哪知道本人之趣何在?唯一條件就是一定是一種難學的語言。想給自己某程度的挑戰。入學之前早就曉得學校的名譽非常好。據說致於外語學該學院被選為全國第一。如果你不滿意此評價,那,你該去做自己的研究去吧。對我而言,這個地方啊,我說了算!就上學吧! 後來呢,一瞬間全都過去了。怎麼可能啊?真是光陰似箭咯!整個過程模糊不清,記憶力好雜亂。頭一天老師們把教科書,當晚的作業甚至幾個月後他們預計的功課都給我們學生。開頭許多人認為該回家做的未免太多可是對當年想把全球上的語言都學會的我,功課量恰恰好。又眨眼一年都過去了。人家學習步伐日益增加。讀書迅速,一目十行。自從自我介紹的那一天到即將畢業的時候,有的人走,有的人留。剩下的學者們一體可以算是一團穩定的小隊。 不過,給學生們最好的影響就是當年的老師們。方曦民,閻旦,李寶藍,李蓓,歐老師等都為了我們將來的語言性成功而提供了不少貢獻與和私人時間。也許因為在課外的許多學生想玩,寧可去玩耍也不想繼續學習或這樣。但是在我們在門外忽視該做的作業其間,老師們在門內準備下週有關的內容,教法或者是讓我們把那些普通人算太難懂的資料更輕易記住。應得感激的人不就是他們嗎? 有一個難忘的回憶我想跟大家分享一下。畢業不久後有一位老師讓我到她辦公室去談談。“李博,在你即將畢業之際我想給你一個禮物。” 我嚇了一跳。“為甚麼?” 我問。“別為甚麼,你先聽我講完好嗎?” 她從書桌上拿了一本小書,又轉過來繼續向我把話說出來。”你知道嗎,在中國如果一個人想獲得成功,先一定要把握好自己的母語。要講究自己講的話。一定要重視道德,禮貌與對面人的身份和年齡。因此每一個家庭都有一本漢語字典。但這一點你也不能亂選。其實在所有漢語辭典其中有一本算是最有名的,那就是新華辭典。簡繁都有,況且定義又短又准。後邊還有更多跟物質世界有關的重要資料啊。很方便。我知道你很喜歡學中文,是不是?“”是“ 我也不知道該說甚麼才好。她把手裡的書擺在旁邊桌上然後拿了一支筆。在頭一頁寫了小字條。寫完之後把書關上,給我。”這是一個禮物。我相信以後這本字典會給你許多幫助。你好好用吧,請繼續努力,自強不息。” 那是不到五年以前的事,書呢?我還是有的。還在我書架上擺著。要是我晛在看,我了解當時老師的意思。給我字典,不但是給我某一個禮物而已,那時候給我新華字典的她也代表了她作為老師對我未來成功的關心。也代表了她對於道德和禮貌的貢獻。 表面上那本書不就是普通的書嘛。可從客觀的立場來看,這小小的禮物是更大貢獻的一種代表物品。

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The Joker

The following story just came to my mind after a friend and I were walking through a quiet alleyway in a small town in Japan one night. We came upon a restaurant/bar/club (whatever it was) that was called The Joker. It was closed, but I knew there was something going on behind those doors. -L.P. […]

02 Nov 10 LP

Running with Dragonflies

The skies were blue, and the air was soft and crisp. It was as though Mother Nature herself was beckoning me to go away with her, to be with her, even if just for a moment, to remind me of the home that always stood nearby. I had only wanted to go. My running shoes […]

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Protected: offerings

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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I recall a conversation I had once with a friend of mine in which we discussed truth and all the questions, comments and other minutiae of thought that goes into any given conversation concerning the topic. It wasn’t just that particular day that we discussed all of this; the conversation in its entirety, in fact, […]

02 Nov 10 LP

A Take on Text

Last week (was it really that long ago?) someone told me that what I was doing was rude. I didn’t think so, but that was me. I mean, I had done it in the company of others long before that and no one had said anything. In fact, they were all doing it too. I […]

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Jimmy Eats Cake

    The hours were dwindling away and the arrival of the cake, his cake, wasn’t soon enough.  Jimmy had been waiting months for the wedding day.  Not because it was his wedding day, but because of the cake.  Jimmy was nine years old and his position in the family was as it had always […]

02 Nov 10 LP

No Shoes

“I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man that had no feet.” -Anonymous It’s a quotation that my grandfather has continued to pass on to me since I was a young lad. Even today, at age 91, he still manages to catch me when I least expect it. There’s this American […]

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A Return 5/15/2009

The first day I returned to Japan after not having been in the country for over a decade threw me for a loop. I mean, I felt prepared for it and all (I felt more prepared for it than I would have been, say, if I wasn’t comfortable with the language), but there was still […]

01 Nov 10 LP

Most Things

Most things will never happen; this one will. There’s a bar across the street from where I live. The Cat’s Pajamas is the name. It’ll take me precisely six minutes to walk there. I’ve timed it. I’ve walked there twice a day for the past week; six minutes is the time it takes. I’m sure […]

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Light Employments of Willpower – 3/14/2009

For the past six weeks, both my wife and my sister have voluntarily opted to remove meat, cheese, soda and coffee respectively from their daily diets in observation of Lent. Neither of them are religious, per se, yet they both took this opportunity to practice, even if what some may consider a “lighter degree of”, […]

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And what of the letters? 3/11/2009

Welcome to today – (written on March 11th) the year is 2009. We, the people of Earth, live in a world that has reached a degree of global communication that is leagues beyond what our predecessors thought possible. Even as I type these words, and far before I publish this page for your viewing, the […]

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The Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi 3/8/2009

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
Where there is sadness, joy; O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
To be understood as […]

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Protected: Heart-Race to Jersey 3/8/2009

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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On the OED 2/23/09

For most of us, when we think of a dictionary, we think of that bulky lead weight that does nothing more than sit at that one place on our desk, in the back, or on some forgotten shelf, collecting dust. We like to say to ourselves, or when someone asks, “Yeah, I have a dictionary,” […]

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Line please – 2/22/2009

Dear Reader – It would seem that, after some time spent on this short story, I’ve arrived at a point at which there are more egresses to choose from than I had originally planned. Interesting. You’ll find below a story that I had begun with an altogether different ending in mind. I have just realized […]

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Visit to Boot Camp 2003

I can remember being a part of the collective body of “recruits” of Division 110 that filed through the corridor into the neighboring division’s deck on a frigid day in February 2003. We were the Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois, otherwise known as Navy Boot Camp. We were to endure nine weeks of […]

01 Nov 10 LP

Departures 2/1/2009

It was one of John Travolta’s last lines in his 1996 movie, Phenomenon. It is something that I’ve been thinking of lately, and I find that it’s is one of those ideas that we tend to pass over as human beings in the hubbub of our day to day existence. Travolta’s character, George Mailey, says […]

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If ~Rudyard Kipling If you can keep your head when all about you 
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; 
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, 
But make allowance for their doubting too; 
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, 
Or, being lied about, don’t deal in […]

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Shipwreck 1/1/2009

He held out as long as he could – a fun-filled, experience-packed “doggy” life. In the above photograph, you will, in the most likely of cases, find a dog. On any other occasion, this would, no doubt, be yet another picture that would be brushed past as you nonchalantly rifled through the stack that was, […]

01 Nov 10 LP

Where Silence Has a Voice – 11/29/10

When was the last time, that you recall, you could hear how “loud” the silence was? Perhaps it was a camping trip, a nap against a tree in the woods, or a brief stop on a morning job. It seems that from day to day, all of us in the city are struggling just to […]

01 Nov 10 LP

The Written Word – 11/27/08

Dear Reader ~ One evening, some weeks past, I was dining with a friend of mine at a local restaurant, and one of the themes of the conversation was modern cell phone technology. He was introducing his phone, the iPhone, by way of demonstration, and it was my job to be fascinated, awed and enthralled […]

01 Nov 10 LP

It doesn't matter where you start – just start. 10/12/2008

Who knew that I would have been inspired to write about reading just by listening to a segment on reading to your children that aired this morning on the Korean television channel? The staff of the program conducted an experiment to test how Korean children ranked in the world when it came to reading (how […]

01 Nov 10 LP

Out of Waikiki – 10/10/2008

I just got back from a run with one of my good friends. Kerrie’s parents are in town through Monday and today we’re going on an excursion of sorts to the North Shore. Our final destination is the Polynesian Culture Center. It’s a haven for tourists as well as an informative and somewhat kinesthetic introduction […]

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the dive 10/9/2008

Last night I said adieu to my father (George Stribling) and my stepmother (Teresa Stribling). They had spent 12 days in the islands and packed in as much fun as they possibly could. They got some skydiving in, my father ran a triathlon with me, they went to Hilo, Hawaii, did some cliff-diving and saw […]

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Thoughts on VR

The time is now 12:40 post meridiem on this day, September 30th, 2008. It occurred to me today, as it does on occasion, how very quickly the world is moving – technologically, that is. I can recall growing up in central New Mexico with a handful of friends on what seemed like the cusp of […]

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Excuse my French, but d*rmo! Who knew that being a teacher would require this much freakin’ prep time?? Well, for the first year at least. Kerrie told me it was a lot of work, and there I am saying, “Yeah, yeah, it’s a lot of work; I get it.” But, did I really get it? […]

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